Pictures of the Month 2015

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
December 2015
Results of a turbine endwall optimization using a new quasi first order method. The development of the objective function and the resulting non-axisymmetric contour are shown.
November 2015
Martin Haubenhofer, head of our workshop, showing the sorrow boxes he made for the works council for academic personnel!
October 2015
Our colleague Florian Schönleitner as he installs strain gauges for upcoming vibration measurements!
September 2015
Professor Heitmeir celebrated his birthday recently! The picture was taken when he received the institute's gift! We wish him all the best!
August 2015
Pictures from this years annual barbecue!
July 2015
Most of us were in Montreal for the ASME Turbo Expo of this year as well!
June 2015
Mutual excitement about the successful first fire of an aero gas turbine burner (80 kW)
May 2015
At the European Turbomachinery Conference in Madrid!
April 2015
Solar eclipse on the 20th of March as seen from our institute (photos by P. Bader) and pictures of a some colleagues during the eclipse!
March 2015
Professors Wolfgang Sanz (left) and Jakob Woisetschläger (right) with visiting professor Marwan Darwish (middle) at Praebichl for skiing!
February 2015
Our colleague Christian Faustmann (with the cap), his girl friend (to his right) and most of the institute after his thesis defense! We wish him all the best!
January 2015