Pictures of the Month 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!
<b>December 2013</b>
GRAZ Junker Expo 2013
<b>November 2013</b>
At the wedding of our dear Mrs. Böhm! We congradulate the young couple and wish them happiness together!
<b>October 2013</b>
CFD results of the intermittency in the boundary layer of a two-stage turbine calculated with the mixing-plane approach!
<b>September 2013</b>
At the university halls during semester break!
<b>August 2013</b>
Prof. Heitmeir holding a speech during our annual barbecue (left)! Thanks to everyone for taking part! And a special thanks to our organizers and grill masters!
<b>July 2013</b>
Dr. Emil Göttlich, Rosario Spataro and Christian Faustmann at the ASME Turbo Expo in San Antonio, Texas.
<b>June 2013</b>
Dr. Thomas Leitgeb finished his PhD. Parallel to his PhD work he rebuilt his SLR camera and added a special filter for astrophotography. He imaged the starry night sky with his camera piggy-backed on Prof. Woisetschlaeger s telescope.
<b>May 2013</b>
Former colleagues with Prof. Heitmeir! They all graduated recently on the same day! We wish them all the best!
<b>April 2013</b>
Prof. Heitmeir presents Prof. Pirker the institute's birthday present!
<b>March 2013</b>
The last snow of winter!
<b>February 2013</b>
TiO2 seeding particles glowing in the flame
<b>January 2013</b>