Pictures of the Month 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2014!
December 2013
GRAZ Junker Expo 2013
November 2013
At the wedding of our dear Mrs. Böhm! We congradulate the young couple and wish them happiness together!
October 2013
CFD results of the intermittency in the boundary layer of a two-stage turbine calculated with the mixing-plane approach!
September 2013
At the university halls during semester break!
August 2013
Prof. Heitmeir holding a speech during our annual barbecue (left)! Thanks to everyone for taking part! And a special thanks to our organizers and grill masters!
July 2013
Dr. Emil Göttlich, Rosario Spataro and Christian Faustmann at the ASME Turbo Expo in San Antonio, Texas.
June 2013
Dr. Thomas Leitgeb finished his PhD. Parallel to his PhD work he rebuilt his SLR camera and added a special filter for astrophotography. He imaged the starry night sky with his camera piggy-backed on Prof. Woisetschlaeger s telescope.
May 2013
Former colleagues with Prof. Heitmeir! They all graduated recently on the same day! We wish them all the best!
April 2013
Prof. Heitmeir presents Prof. Pirker the institute's birthday present!
March 2013
The last snow of winter!
February 2013
TiO2 seeding particles glowing in the flame
January 2013