Pictures of the Month 2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
<b>December 2012</b>
Turning mid turbine frame (Volvo Aero) with a 360° rotating inlet plane for fully traversed pressure and temperature measurements.
<b>November 2012</b>
Oil flow visualization of the flow behavior through a turning mid turbine frame with an embedded design concept.
<b>October 2012</b>
Entropy production in a two-stage test turbine computed in 3D using our in-house code LINARS with phase-lagged boundary conditions.
<b>September 2012</b>
The beginning of a new project: Set-up of our dual laser vibrometer for density gradient measurements in flames
<b>August 2012</b>
Installation of our new compressor unit
<b>July 2012</b>
Dr. Emil Göttlich, Rosario Spataro and Thorsten Selic at the ASME Turbo Expo in Copenhagen
<b>June 2012</b>
Annual barbecue at the institute with our current and former members. Thanks to everyone for taking par
<b>May 2012</b>
Group photograph at the wedding of our former member Mrs. Maria Elisabeth Collins.
<b>April 2012</b>
2D-Simulation of the velocity field of a vertical-axis wind turbine with articulated blading
<b>March 2012</b>
Gerald Zotter received the Energy Globe Award Austria for his Diploma Thesis on "Cryo-P System for Volatile Regenerative Energy Storage" together with Werner Hermeling from GASEVO GmbH (Thesis Supervisor: Wolfgang SANZ)
<b>February 2012</b>
Flashback analysis during combustion chamber tests
<b>January 2012</b>