Pictures of the Month 2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
December 2012
Turning mid turbine frame (Volvo Aero) with a 360° rotating inlet plane for fully traversed pressure and temperature measurements.
November 2012
Oil flow visualization of the flow behavior through a turning mid turbine frame with an embedded design concept.
October 2012
Entropy production in a two-stage test turbine computed in 3D using our in-house code LINARS with phase-lagged boundary conditions.
September 2012
The beginning of a new project: Set-up of our dual laser vibrometer for density gradient measurements in flames
August 2012
Installation of our new compressor unit
July 2012
Dr. Emil Göttlich, Rosario Spataro and Thorsten Selic at the ASME Turbo Expo in Copenhagen
June 2012
Annual barbecue at the institute with our current and former members. Thanks to everyone for taking par
May 2012
Group photograph at the wedding of our former member Mrs. Maria Elisabeth Collins.
April 2012
2D-Simulation of the velocity field of a vertical-axis wind turbine with articulated blading
March 2012
Gerald Zotter received the Energy Globe Award Austria for his Diploma Thesis on "Cryo-P System for Volatile Regenerative Energy Storage" together with Werner Hermeling from GASEVO GmbH (Thesis Supervisor: Wolfgang SANZ)
February 2012
Flashback analysis during combustion chamber tests
January 2012