Pictures of the Month 2008

Streamvise vorticity at 4 planes (measurement planes) in the intermediate duct of the AIDA stage - a URANS simulation performed by the CFD department of the ITTM
<b>December 2008</b>
Combustor of the air heater seen from behind through an inspection hole during acoustic measurements on November 5, 2008.
<b>November 2008</b>
Running team of the Institute for the Graz City Marathon taking place on October 12, 2008
<b>October 2008</b>
Demonstration of several ignition scenarii, surveyed by a programmable logic controller: normal operation, flame blown out, or no flame at all. This theme was a summer training exercise for a french student from SUPAERO (Audrey Camps, left).
<b>September 2008</b>
Instrumentation of the VITAL testrig as can be seen in the Flugrevue of August 2008.
<b>August 2008</b>
First ignition of the reference burner with a methane-jet-flame in co-flow (burner-design: Dep. of Energy Conversion Sience, Kyoto University, Japan).
<b>July 2008</b>
An exhausted but pleased Thomas Leitgeb after winning the regional Soccer Championship for USV Sattler Rudersdorf for the first time since 1984.
<b>June 2008</b>
Simulation with fluent of the air flow going from the suply module through the LLP-type injector towards the combustor. Picture courtesy of Wolfgang Lang.
<b>May 2008</b>
Design example of large engine turbocharger taken from this year's design practical at the Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics (Lerch W., Baumhakl Ch., Moser Ch.)
<b>April 2008</b>
Mach Number at mid span of the AIDA duct. Simulation done with the in-house code LINARS.
<b>March 2008</b>
Installed low profile vortex generators in the duct of the AIDA test setup.
<b>February 2008</b>
Andreas Lechner performing spray tests
<b>January 2008</b>