Pictures of the Month 2008

Streamvise vorticity at 4 planes (measurement planes) in the intermediate duct of the AIDA stage - a URANS simulation performed by the CFD department of the ITTM
December 2008
Combustor of the air heater seen from behind through an inspection hole during acoustic measurements on November 5, 2008.
November 2008
Running team of the Institute for the Graz City Marathon taking place on October 12, 2008
October 2008
Demonstration of several ignition scenarii, surveyed by a programmable logic controller: normal operation, flame blown out, or no flame at all. This theme was a summer training exercise for a french student from SUPAERO (Audrey Camps, left).
September 2008
Instrumentation of the VITAL testrig as can be seen in the Flugrevue of August 2008.
August 2008
First ignition of the reference burner with a methane-jet-flame in co-flow (burner-design: Dep. of Energy Conversion Sience, Kyoto University, Japan).
July 2008
An exhausted but pleased Thomas Leitgeb after winning the regional Soccer Championship for USV Sattler Rudersdorf for the first time since 1984.
June 2008
Simulation with fluent of the air flow going from the suply module through the LLP-type injector towards the combustor. Picture courtesy of Wolfgang Lang.
May 2008
Design example of large engine turbocharger taken from this year's design practical at the Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics (Lerch W., Baumhakl Ch., Moser Ch.)
April 2008
Mach Number at mid span of the AIDA duct. Simulation done with the in-house code LINARS.
March 2008
Installed low profile vortex generators in the duct of the AIDA test setup.
February 2008
Andreas Lechner performing spray tests
January 2008