Pictures of the Month 2007

Oil visualization of the AIDA duct.
December 2007
Cooperation with the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer / TU Graz on non-newtonian fluids.
November 2007
Thomas Leitgeb (left) and Andreas Lang (right) performing Dual Laser Vibrometer measurements at the DLR in Cologne.
October 2007
Dr. Fabrice Giuliani posing with a present from his colleagues after his wife gave birth to their first child.
September 2007
Cornelia Santner performing laser-optical investigations of separated diffusing flows within the project AIDA
August 2007
Annual institute's barbecue
July 2007
Pressure gradient at mid span of the AIDA stage - a URANS simulation
June 2007
Mr. Göttlich, Mr. Paradiso, Mr. Schennach and Mr. Marn at the ASME conference in Montreal 2007
May 2007
Mounted VITAL stage
April 2007
Balancing the VITAL runner at MAN - Oberhausen, Germany
March 2007
Mr. Berardo Paradiso, visiting scientist from Politecnico Milano, and Mr. Oliver Schennach from TU Graz, while performing transonic-turbine clocking experiments in carnival time.
February 2007
Informal meeting of the European project VITAL with staff members of DLR, MTU and EADS in Graz, 06
January 2007