Pictures of the Month 2006

<b>December 2006</b>
High Pressure Combustor
<b>November 2006</b>
Prof. Franz Heitmeir congratulates the former head of the institute Prof. Herbert Jericha to his election to the grade of Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
<b>October 2006</b>
Institute staff with student trainees
<b>September 2006</b>
Annual institute's barbecue in July.
<b>August 2006</b>
Numerical study of stator-stator clocking visible is the unsteady pressure wave propagation and the entropy contour in the mid-span of the 1.5 turbine stage
<b>July 2006</b>
Presentation of the "Best Paper Award" to Dr. Emil Goettlich by Prof. Howard Hodson of Cambridge University, chair of the Turbomachinery Committee, during the ASME IGTI conference 2006 in Barcelona
<b>June 2006</b>
Excursion to the AUA technical base at Vienna International Airport
<b>May 2006</b>
Dr. Emil Göttlich receives the Josef Krainer Award for Young Scientists
<b>April 2006</b>
PivNet2 partners in front of the transonic test turbine at TU Graz
<b>March 2006</b>
Emil's turbine blade cascade
<b>February 2006</b>
Excited premixed flame
<b>January 2006</b>