Pictures of the Month 2006

December 2006
High Pressure Combustor
November 2006
Prof. Franz Heitmeir congratulates the former head of the institute Prof. Herbert Jericha to his election to the grade of Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
October 2006
Institute staff with student trainees
September 2006
Annual institute's barbecue in July.
August 2006
Numerical study of stator-stator clocking visible is the unsteady pressure wave propagation and the entropy contour in the mid-span of the 1.5 turbine stage
July 2006
Presentation of the "Best Paper Award" to Dr. Emil Goettlich by Prof. Howard Hodson of Cambridge University, chair of the Turbomachinery Committee, during the ASME IGTI conference 2006 in Barcelona
June 2006
Excursion to the AUA technical base at Vienna International Airport
May 2006
Dr. Emil Göttlich receives the Josef Krainer Award for Young Scientists
April 2006
PivNet2 partners in front of the transonic test turbine at TU Graz
March 2006
Emil's turbine blade cascade
February 2006
Excited premixed flame
January 2006