1D, 2D or 3D ?

1D, 2D or 3D ?

NMR spectroscopy is able to differentiate between 3D and low-dimensional ionic transport in powder samples. In Li-thiophosphates snake-like diffusion seems to govern ion mobility, Prutsch et al. Chem. Mater. (2018).

Center for Li batteries

Center for Li batteries

ICTM runs one of the prestigious Christian Doppler Laboratories at the TU Graz. The CD lab of the Wilkening group focusses on Li-ion and Na-ion batteries; special emphasis is put on the application of ceramic electrolytes.

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Welcome to our Institute @ TU Graz

Welcome to the Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Materials (ICTM) representing one of the largest Institutes at the Graz University of Technology. The Institute belongs to the Faculty of Technical Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering, Biotechnology. It aims to use modern spectroscopic tools and synthesis methods to advance both pure and application-oriented materials science and energy research. The Institute is subdivided into two major research areas: A) Solid-State Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry; B) Macromolecular Chemistry and Applied Polymer Science. While in A) research is centred around ion transfer in (nano-)crystalline and amorphous solids, in B) the synthesis and designing of functional polymer materials is in the center of attention.

TU Graz has divided its research into five innovative areas – the Fields of Expertise (FoEs). Many of the current research projects at the ICTM are related to the FoE Advanced Materials Science. Among others this FoE aims (i) to understand and to tailor the properties of existing materials and (ii) to develop advanced ones with new or improved functions. Studying the physical and chemical interactions of different materials plays also a capital role in ICTM's direction of research.

ICTM's main aim in teaching is to train students of all levels on the basis of pure and applied research projects. Currently, ICTM supports both graduate and undergraduate students in four primary fields of study viz. Materials Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry.

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Picture from 2016: hybrid cells - batteries meet solar cells; (c) Lunghammer - TU Graz
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