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Overview: Fields of Expertise

TU Graz has divided its research into five innovative areas – the Fields of Expertise. Researchers work together in an interdisciplinary manner, profiting from different approaches and methods, sharing resources and benefiting from international exchange. TU Graz has strengthened the Fields of Expertise by appointing new professors, cooperating with scientific partner institutions and investing in selected interdisciplinary projects. The research teams focus on basic research and foster contacts with industry and commerce to enable the practical implementation of theoretical knowledge. They are in contact with scientific competence centres and are involved in research networks.

Researchers in the Fields of Expertise

  • break new ground in basic research
  • take part in interdisciplinary cooperation
  • gain support for outstanding projects 
  • are both based in the region and part of international networks
  • develop key technologies for industry and commerce
  • research within the framework of company shareholdings and partnerships 
Maria Cecilia Poletti, researcher, TU Graz. Photo source: Lunghammer, TU Graz
Maria Cecilia Poletti, researcher

The Fields of Expertise provide a platform for networking and multidisciplinary scientific research. In this unique space I meet passionate scientists from different institutes and faculties who share their knowledge, discuss ideas and methodologies, and create innovative technological solutions. It is fascinating to see what is possible. The total is greater than the sum of its parts!

Lead Projects at TU Graz

Since 2015, TU Graz has awarded special funding for multidisciplinary lead projects. By supporting such basic research projects, outstanding areas of top research are further developed and the research profile of TU Graz is enhanced.

Current lead projects at TU Graz

Further information on call for proposals and granting of lead projects.

New Projects with TU Graz

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