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#4 Green Hydrogen - Hype or Hope?

Hydrogen is the first element in the periodic table. It is not only here that it occupies a prominent place. It is also mentioned time and again in the discussion about a low-emission, sustainable energy system of the future - at least if it is green, i.e. produced using renewable energy sources. But what exactly can green hydrogen do? Where do we really need it? And when will its breakthrough come?

In the dossier "Green Hydrogen - Hype or Hope?" we address the big, burning questions about the future of (green) hydrogen to experts from hydrogen and energy industry research at TU Graz.

The TU Graz bundles the expertise of 160 heads of hydrogen research in the Center of Hydrogen Research and is thus and with a unique laboratory and research infrastructure by far Austria's largest center of hydrogen research and also in the European top group in the top 5 hydrogen regions.

Eichlseder: “Hydrogen is the Key to Green Energy”

Helmut Eichlseder works on sustainable propulsion systems. One important factor is hydrogen – in pure form or as a feedstock for fuels.

“The Crucial Question: Where Does the Hydrogen Come From?”

Sonja Wogrin and Thomas Klatzer are exploring ways towards a climate-neutral energy system, which will require green hydrogen. To establish it, good infrastructure planning is needed.

"Green Hydrogen only with the Expansion of Renewable Sources"

Alexander Trattner heads HyCentA at the TU Graz campus and is convinced that hydrogen is part of the solution for a climate-neutral energy system. What is needed is speed and investment.

Andreas Wimmer: „Import of green Energies necessary“

Andreas Wimmer conducts research on large engines at TU Graz and heads the LEC research center. Hydrogen, methanol and ammonia will play a central role in achieving climate targets.

Hydrogen: “We have to act on this today!”

Christoph Hochenauer conducts research on high-temperature fuel and electrolysis cells. He sees the changeover to a sustainable energy system as “absolutely feasible” and pleads for action now.

How do fuel cells and electrolysers work?

The fuel cell research group at the Institute of Thermal Engineering researches and optimizes high-temperature fuel cells and electrolyzers. This is how their research works.

Hype or Hope?

Viktor Hacker talks about the role of green hydrogen in the climate-neutral energy system of the future in the AirCampus podcast. (German only)

AIT and TU Graz launch PhD programme in hydrogen technology

The new PhD programme for the development of innovative hydrogen technologies with a focus on reversible high-temperature electrolysis will start in February 2023.

From Slurry to High-Purity Hydrogen

Hydrogen from real biogas: TU Graz and Rouge H2 Engineering have scored a world's first in producing high-purity hydrogen from biogas directly at a biogas plant.

Hydrogen - Electricity Storage of the Future?

If our energy system is to become more eco-friendly, there is no way to avoid hydrogen as an energy carrier. Researchers around the world are certain of this.