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Works Council for Administrative Personnel

The Works Council for Administrative Personnel represents employees in workshops and laboratories, technicians responsible for infrastructure and administrative staff in all matters related to labour law.

The Works Council

  • represents administrative staff at TU Graz in all areas related to labour law: labour constitution, employee law, employee protection, law on working times, social insurance etc.
  • works to ensure compliance with and implementation of valid acts, regulations, contracts, decrees and orders designed to benefit employees.
  • is active in the area of collective contract and employment agreement.
  • makes suggestions for the improvement of working conditions and safety.
  • has a say in personnel matters and the right to object in the case of notice of termination or dismissal.
  • reaches agreements with companies on discounts for employees.
Eduard Dorner, Source: Dorner
Eduard Dorner, Chairperson of the Works Council for Administrative Personnel

The Works Council represents staff interests: this means that employees of TU Graz have a say in university matters that affect them. We are more than happy to receive ideas and constructive criticism! We represent the interests and concerns of colleagues and provide support and advice if needed.


Chairperson of the Works Council
Mobile: 0664 60 873 7106

Office of the Works Council
Mandellstraße 15/I 
8010 Graz 

Tanja KÖCK
Phone: +43 316 873 7104


Works Council for Administrative Personnel in TUGRAZonline  

Members are elected every 4 years by administrative university staff.

Herbert PENKER
First Deputy
Tel.: +43 316 873 7106

Second Deputy
Tel.: +43 316 873 4522


In accordance with the Labour Constitution Act (ArbVG) § 38, the Works Council has the task of protecting and promoting the economic, social, cultural and health-related interests of employees.

Elections of Works Councils are regulated in the Labour Constitution Act (ArbVG) § 52.

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Works Council for Administrative Personnel