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Disability Liaison Officer

The Disability Liaison Officer represents the interests of employees at TU Graz, who have a disability or chronic disease. They work together with the Employees' Council.

The Disability Liaison Officer

  • provides affected people with information and advice on topics such as workplace design, possible subsidies, options for solving conflicts in the workplace.
  • highlights the specific needs of employees with disabilities and makes suggestions for improvements, for example, the implementation of barrier-free renovations or new buildings at TU Graz.
  • monitors compliance with laws.

For Employees

Current and future employees of TU Graz with disabilities and mental and/or chronic illnesses are provided with information and support by the Service Point for Accessible Working.

For Students

The Service Point for Accessible Learning is responsible for students with disabilities or chronic diseases. Accessible Learning

Did you know that around 10% of Europeans are affected by a disability? This percentage of course also includes people who live independently and earn their own living. I see it as being my job to represent the interests of my colleagues and support them in their independence.


Disability Liaison Officer
Petersgasse 116 bis 118, Ground floor
8010 Graz
Phone: +43 316 873 6144

Daniela AGRINZ
Vice Disability Liaison Officer
Phone: +43 316 873 35401


The legal basis of the activities of the Disability Liaison Officer, is the Disability Employment Act (BEinstG). Companies with 25 or more employees are required to employ one disabled person for every 25 employees. In compliance with the Disability Employment Act, these are people with a disability of at least 50%.


The Disability Liaison Officer is elected every 4 years, together with an Employees' Council. Only people with a disability of 50% or more can vote or be elected.

Information for TU Graz staff

can be found on the TU4U intranet: Disability Liaison Officer