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TU Graz Volunteer Fire Brigade

The TU Graz volunteer fire brigade does not focus on classic duties such as carrying out rescue operations and extinguishing fires, but rather on research and teaching.

Researchers and students from many disciplines band together to carry out operations with members of the fire brigade. These involve rescue robots, reconnaissance drones and many other examples of scientific innovation. In this way, the Styrian fire brigades can integrate the latest research and scientific findings directly and easily into their operations. Working together, the members develop technologies and systems that can be used in crisis and disaster control.


  • Name: TU Graz Volunteer Fire Brigade
  • Field of activity:  Scientific training, advanced training and continuing education for fire brigade members as well as practical research under operational conditions, as well as the use of professional expertise in complex operations.
  • Postal address:
    Rectorate of TU Graz
    Rechbauerstraße 12/I
    8010 Graz
  • Contact:
    Petra Rautnig
    Senior Fire Officer (OBI) 
  • Target group: TU Graz staff, teaching staff, students and alumni who would like to volunteer to take active part in the fire brigade and are willing to complete basic training (i.e. consisting of training in theory, a fire-fighting operation and offering technical assistance after a traffic accident). Newcomers are just as welcome as people with previous experience.

The colleagues who are volunteering on the front line are doing impressive work. I’m pleased that Styria has made it possible to provide this unique access to the 21st century R&D going on throughout Europe by founding the "Uni - Fire Brigades" to support this work. What I especially appreciate is the camaraderie that builds over time and which you only experience at this level of intensity in emergency organizations.


Numerous research projects have been or are being carried out at the FF TU Graz. For example, the DRILL-X drill extinguishing device developed by a member of Graz University of Technology was scientifically evaluated in a large-scale research project. Following successful real-life fire tests at Erzberg, its practical suitability for use by fire brigades is currently being tested. Its use in photovoltaic systems is also being evaluated.

Another research project is currently investigating how the robustness of communication between the emergency services can be further increased. To this end, synergies between amateur radio and the fire service are being explored.

Together with the Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, the FF TU Graz is supporting the various commanders in expanding their drone infrastructure. Furthermore, complementary sensors from the institutes are to be tested for their suitability for use.

A new fire brigade chapel is being built at the Lebring Fire Brigade and Civil Defence School. The winning project resulted from a competition at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Graz.

Offers for Volunteers

  • Monthly exercise: This forms the basis for establishing and maintaining contacts across institute borders
  • Insurance provided for all exercises and operations
  • Uniform
  • Project kitty: Small projects that are carried out on your own initiative are financially supported by TU Graz.
  • Network: Do you want to work on your fire brigade topic as a bachelor’s or master’s thesis? We can help you find the right institute or funding


Simply contact us at info.ffnoSpam@tugraz.at. We welcome all new volunteers!