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Betonkanu TU Graz (concrete canoe)

A concrete canoe? What’s that supposed to be? A canoe made of concrete – and lightweight to boot! The concrete canoe "Fragiler" developed by students of TU Graz that earned an excellent second place at the German Concrete Canoe Regatta in Cologne weighed just 2,83 kg per metre, measuring a total 5.39 m. 


  • Name: Betonkanu TU Graz (concrete canoe) 
  • Tasks: To develop canoes and/or watercraft made of concrete  
  • Address:
    Institute of Structural Concrete
    Lessingstraße 25
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
  • Target group: interested students of all fields

Working on the concrete canoe makes a welcome change to everyday uni life. From social and organisational skills to practical application of the engineering and building technology know-how, the team faces challenges in a wide range of fields.

An additional motivation is, of course, the international competition with more than 70 other universities and academies.

The women's team in the concrete canoe "Fragile - Handle with Care", winner of the category "most lightweight" of the German Concrete Canoe Race 2015.

The Team at Work

Services for Students

  • Design and construction of concrete canoes and other watercraft
  • Practical application of civil engineering theory
  • Experience in project management and marketing
  • Participation in biannual Concrete Canoe Regatta and/or concrete canoe race
  • Advice from experts in canoe building and structural design
  • Partial crediting of time spend on project in the form of ECTS points


2024 - Concrete Design Competition 2023/24:

  • 1st place (Competition theme: Creative exploration of concrete as a building material and its applications)

11. Concrete Design Competition

2019 – German Concrete Canoe Regatta: 

  • 2nd place in category Watercraft with the theme The Bouncy Castle
  • Special prize for the most creative interpretation of the competition call for the canoe Extension (total weight 6 kg)
  • 3rd place in category social media competition

17. Deutsche Betonkanu-Regatta

2017 – German Concrete Canoe Regatta: 

  • 2nd place in category "Canoe Design" for the canoe "Printess Layer"
  • 2nd place in category "Lightest Canoe" for the canoe "Fragiler"

16th German Concrete Canoe Regatta

2015 – Concrete Canoe Regatta in Brandenburg:

  • 1st place in category “Lightest Boat” with 3.1 kg/m (total weight 16.65 kg) and thus “lightest boat” in 30 years of the competition
  • 3rd place in category “Lightest Boat” with 4.5 kg/m (total weight 24.40 kg)
  • 5th place in category “Canoe Design”
  • 4th place in category “Watercraft” with the theme “Mario Kart”

15th German Concrete Canoe Regatta