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Aerospace Team Graz

The Aerospace Team Graz is an interdisciplinary team of students with one big goal: to develop their own rocket and participate in the Spaceport America Cup 2021 in New Mexico. The rocket should be up to 3 metres tall and propel to a height of up to 10 km.

Over 50 students from various disciplines are working together in the Aerospace Team Graz to achieve this goal.

Several groups in the Rocket Team are responsible for developing the rocket:

  • Aerodynamics: The aerodynamics group is developing the outer design of the rocket to ensure its basic flight stability, from the nose cone to the fins at the rear. First, the design is tested in simulations, then a prototype is constructed and put to test in the wind tunnel and in field experiments.
  • Avionics: The avionics group is focusing on the rocket’s hardware and software. In addition to the sensors and main computer, they are working on rocket control, data transmission and visualisation.
  • Propulsion: The propulsion group is designing and manufacturing the rocket engine, which includes dealing with additive manufacturing processes, fluid mechanics and different materials.
  • Recovery: In order to bring the rocket safely down to the ground again, the recovery group is developing parachutes along with devising their anchorage and ejection systems.
  • Structure: The structure group ensures that all manufactured components are integrated into the outer skin and basic structure of the rocket. Reducing weight and balancing the rocket’s centre of gravity are therefore key issues.
  • System Engineers: The system engineering group is coordinating and optimising the overall process by means of thorough project, risk, time and resource management.

Our Safety Officers ensures the safety of the entire Aerospace Team Graz when testing and handling hazardous substances.

The Business Team is divided into Marketing and System Administration:

  • Marketing: The Marketing group deals with the organisation of our rollouts, conferences, lectures, teambuilding and launch events. They also ensure that the team is well represented on social media.
  • System Administration: Our system administrators are responsible for all our IT systems and thus enable the work of the other groups.

The Aerospace Team Graz also benefits from the help of an Advisory Board, a committee of supporters who monitor progress at technical review events and support the students with their feedback and experiences.

Launch of two rockets


  • Name: Aerospace Team Graz
  • Field of action: Development of a rocket for participation in the Spaceport America Cup
  • Contact:

  • Target group: motivated students from all fields of study who are interested in the development and construction of a rocket
Max Rhomberg
Max Rhomberg, founder

Right now, the spirit of adventure, new technologies and private companies are the driving force in rocket development. What was previously an area reserved for national governments now continues to gain a foothold in the economy as shown by companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin or Virgin Galactic.

We are an interdisciplinary team of students based in Graz. Our goal is to develop our own rocket and to take part in an international competition: The Spaceport America Cup. Every year, student space enthusiasts from all over the world come together for this event in New Mexico, USA. We are beginning work on our first prototype this year with a purchased solid-state engine in order to test all systems and to understand the overall system. At the same time, we will be developing our own hybrid rocket engine. In June 2021, we are going to participate in the Spaceport America Cup.

Have you always dreamed of developing your own rocket? Then get in touch with us! We look forward to meeting you!


  • Development and construction of rockets and rocket components
  • Participation in the Spaceport America Cup for the first time in 2021
  • Research and development in the field of aerospace
  • Networking meetings with other aerospace teams
  • Public relations work at fairs and conferences


All students who want to get involved in building the rocket for the Spaceport America Cup 2021 are welcome to join us at the Aerospace Team Graz!

Contact the team: join the Telegram group or visit the website www.astg.at.