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Grazer BläserVielharmoniE (Wind Orchestra)

“Music is the only universal language which needs no translation. With it soul speaks to soul.” The Grazer BläserVielharmoniE bases its activities on this quotation of Berthold Auerbach. The Grazer BläserVielharmoniE is the wind symphony orchestra of the universities and universities of applied sciences of Graz.

The association founded in 1994 offers amateur musicians and aspiring young conductors at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz the opportunity to hone their skills and demonstrate them in concerts and music competitions. The focus of this orchestra is not only on the perfect choice of pieces or precise rehearsals, but also on musicality and the enjoyment of making music together with high musical standards. The sense of collaboration and community are also among the values cherished by the orchestra.

After hearing a summer concert of the Grazer BläserVielharmoniE in 2015, I was certain: I wanted to join.
I have already made a lot of valuable friends, I have learnt a great deal and improved my skills on the saxophone. In particular the wide-ranging programme, the passion for music shared by the many members, and the sense of community within the orchestra make me glad to be part of the Grazer BläserVielharmoniE.


  • Name: Grazer BläserVielharmoniE  
  • Tasks: Wind symphony orchestra of the universities and universities of applied sciences of Graz
  • Address:
    Steyrergasse 25a/16
    8010 Graz
    (Rehearsals: HS i9, Inffeldgasse 13)  
  • Contact:
  • Facebook
  • Target group: interested students who play a wind instrument

Services for Members

  • Opportunity to rehearse demanding symphonic and contemporary wind orchestra literature and to perform concerts
  • Widen your technical and musical ability and musical repertoire
  • Participation in concert trips – so far, for example, music festival in Alken (Belgium), wind music competitions in Békéscsaba (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic) , Esch/Alzette (Luxembourg) and concert trip to Jena (Germany)
  • Participation in a rehearsal weekend once a semester
  • Work with talented young conductors


Details about the repertoire of the Grazer BläserVielharmoniE, including a list of directors since 1995.


Do you play a wind instrument and would you like to play in a wind symphony orchestra? Then please send an email, tell us a bit about yourself and your musical experience. Anyone can apply, whether you are a student or not. You are welcome to join a rehearsal to find out whether you’d like to become a member of the Grazer BläserVielharmoniE.