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Akaflieg Graz (Glider Club)

The fascination of flying! Akaflieg Graz (short for Akademische Fliegergruppe) is the oldest gliding club in Austria. In the early years, the club – founded by students and teachers of what was then the Technical University of Graz in 1921 – designed and built all of its aircraft itself. Today, Akaflieg Graz concentrates mainly on flying and flight training.

The range of services offered by Akaflieg is divided into 4 areas:
  • Glider and motorised aircraft training: glider pilot training and/or private pilot training (powered flight)
  • Distance sport gliding, participation in pilot camps and gliding competitions
  • Collaboration on technical projects such as servicing and modifying aircraft
  • Model aircraft racing: development and construction of model aircraft in the association’s workshop, participation in competitions

Why I became a glider? I think Leonardo da Vinci put it best: "Once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." As a glider pilot you get to see a lot: from relaxing Alpine panorama flights, flights over 4000m, turbulent thermalling and situations where you ask yourself whether you should land in this field or that one? It is the most interesting sport I have ever come across. You learn a lot about the aircraft, weather/meteorology, camaraderie, responsibility and decision-making. If you want to fly and get some great training, Akaflieg Graz is the perfect place to go.


  • Name: Akaflieg Graz  
  • Tasks:  Glider and motorised aircraft pilot training, gliding sport activities, servicing and modification of the association’s aircraft, model aircraft racing
  • Postal address:
    Stremayrgasse 16
    8010 Graz
    Club house:
    Schörgelgasse 32
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Target group: interested students of all fields

Services for Members

  • Inexpensive glider pilot and/or private pilot (powered flight) training
  • Model aircraft racing section of world champion ranking
  • Cheap accommodation nearby TU Graz (for non-members too)
  • Working together on technical projects in a spacious, modern workshop: general overhaul of an ASW-15, construction of a glider computer, and alternative drives for self-starting gliders



Members in all sections of Akaflieg are mainly students and graduates of the Graz universities. Non-academics are of course also warmly welcome! Just get in touch with with Akaflieg Graz or come along to one of the club evenings (Thursdays, 9pm) in the club room at Schörgelgasse 32.