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Overview: Doctoral Programmes

An environment of stimulating scientific discussions, scientific and engineering training of the highest standard, internationally respected research projects; these things await you as a doctoral student at TU Graz.

At TU Graz you can obtain a doctorate in natural sciences (Doktor der Naturwissenschaften) or a doctorate in technical sciences (Doktor der technischen Wissenschaften). The doctoral programmes are organised in Doctoral Schools. You will do your research within one of the doctoral schools depending on your subject and your supervisor. As a doctoral student you are part of the community of your doctoral school. You will discuss your research project regularly with teachers and other students. This ensures that you get perfect supervision and support in your work. At the same time you will expand your knowledge of relevant subjects in courses and lectures and in contacts with academic and industry experts. Your doctoral programme is based on the curriculum for the Doctoral Programme in Technical Sciences (technische Wissenschaften) or Natural Sciences (Naturwissenschaften). Additionally, the statutes of your Doctoral School set out required courses in the subject, the procedures for preparing and submitting your thesis, handling of publications and other subject-specific issues.

 Curricular Committee for PhD and Postgraduate Programmes

Admission Deadlines

Admissions to doctoral studies are possible in the current semester at any time up to a maximum of ten days before the start of the general admission period of the following semester. Admission deadlines

Further information on the admission

Admission for international degree programme applicants

Doctoral programme - Step by Step

1. Find a thesis subject and a supervisor

The Doctoral Schools cover a wide spectrum of research fields in which you can write a thesis. On the website of each doctoral school you can find the subject areas and contact details of potential supervisors. If one of these people agrees to supervise your thesis, they will give you a letter of confirmation that you can submit as part of the admissions process.
You can use the template for the letter of confirmation.

2. Admission as a doctoral student

With the letter of acceptance from your supervisor, you can then go to the TU Graz Registrar's Office and complete the admission procedure. Depending on the subject area of your thesis you will register for a doctoral programme in technical sciences (technische Wissenschaften) or natural sciences (Naturwissenschaften).

If you have graduated from your master’s degree programme at TU Graz, you can be admitted to the programme in person at the Registrar's Office without any further documents.

Graduates of other recognised post-secondary educational institutions have to do the online application for the doctoral programme.

3. Educational Agreement

When your admission procedure is complete, you make an educational agreement with your supervisor. The educational agreement contains the following points:

  • which Doctoral School you belong to
  • the working title of your thesis
  • a short description of the thesis project
  • approval of the thesis project by your supervisor and the Dean of Studies

Further details for TU Graz students in the intranet TU4U: Educational agreement
Further details for TU Graz staff in the intranet TU4U: Educational agreement, in German: Ausbildungsvereinbarung

4. Thesis work and subject-specific courses

Once your study agreement is approved, you begin work on your project and on writing your thesis. You submit a progress report each year. In addition, you will study your subject in depth in relevant lectures and courses. For further details, visit the home page of the relevant Doctoral School.

Joint Doctoral Programmes