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Doctoral School of Biomedical Engineering

In the Doctoral School of Biomedical Engineering at TU Graz, you conduct interdisciplinary research, focusing on aspects of engineering, medicine, biophysics, biology and biochemistry. As part of your dissertation, you will make new scientific discoveries in the field of biomedical engineering.



  • Solve scientific and technological problems in the field of biomedical engineering
  • Conduct independent research using engineering and scientific methods
  • Work together with research laboratories and industry partners
  • Publish in internationally renowned peer-reviewed journals
  • Prepare and defend research findings

      Courses (curricular workload)

      • Deepen your knowledge in the subject area of your dissertation, for example, in biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telematics, biomechanics, biology or medicine
      • Gain experience using scientific methods applied in the engineering and natural science fields
      • Attend courses offered at Austrian or other international universities
      • Meet regularly with your dissertation supervisor in order to exchange information, for example, to describe ideas and preliminary results, hold discussions or receive suggestions for relevant contacts in your field of study

          Focus Areas

          The Doctoral School offers courses in numerous interdisciplinary fields such as engineering and medicine. Some examples include:
          • Biomechanical engineering
          • Biomedical instrumentation and imaging
          • Computational neuroscience
          • Health care engineering
          The doctoral programme has made it possible for me to apply the knowledge that I acquired during my master’s programme in engineering at the interface between natural sciences, engineering and medicine. Furthermore, I have the possibility to participate in international conferences and summer schools organised by our institute on the topic of biomechanics, where I can meet renowned scientists and postgraduates from more than 20 countries, and connect with the international scientific community. The doctoral programme itself and the independent working manner required during the programme prepare me for continuing my academic career and teaching as well as for research and development positions in industry.

          Information and Advice

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          Admission Deadlines

          Admissions to doctoral studies are possible in the current semester at any time up to a maximum of ten days before the start of the general admission period of the following semester. Admission deadlines

          Further informationen on registration and admission

          International degree programme applicants: admission and application deadlines

          Teaching staff and Institutes

          Teaching staff

          People with license to teach (venia docendi) at the doctoral school can supervise your dissertation.
          Information about the areas of expertise and publications of the teaching staff can be found on their respective business cards. Teaching staff


          The following institutes are associated with the Doctoral School of Biomedical Engineering.
          Information about the publications and projects from each institute can be obtained by viewing their respective business cards.