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Doctoral School of Techno-Economics

In the Doctoral School of Techno-Economics at the TU Graz, you conduct research on a high international standard. You focus on making new discoveries at the interface between engineering and economy and develop these findings during your dissertation research.

As part of the scientific community within the doctoral school, your supervisor supports your dissertation with their expertise and facilitates relevant contacts both inside and outside TU Graz. In addition, you exchange information with other teachers and students about the progress and preliminary results from your dissertation research.



  • Work on problems that arise in the engineering field  problems in the field of mechanical engineering and business economics and related fields
  • Find and describe solutions for scientific and technological problems
  • Conduct independent research
  • Work together with industry partners
  • Publish in internationally renowned peer-reviewed journals
  • Prepare and defend research findings

Courses (curricular workload)

  • Deepen your knowledge in the subject area of mechanical engineering and business economics and specialize in your dissertation topics
  • Gain experience using scientific methods applied in the economic and engineering fields
  • Meet regularly with your dissertation supervisor: discuss preliminary results and receive feedback and suggestions for relevant contacts in your field of study
  • Exchange information about the progress and preliminary results of your dissertation research with other students in the dissertation seminar

Focus Areas

Techno Economy combines the fields of technology and economy. In this context, we understand economy to address aspects of economic and social science perspectives. Techno Economy deals with scientific research that occurs at this interface, from knowledge-based research driven by the application of economic theory to technical and scientific basic research that is of practical importance.
The interdisciplinary approach was a crucial motivating factor that encouraged me to choose this doctoral school. By following this approach, I came to recognize that the technical components of a system are not isolated from the economic and social environment, and that I needed to search for holistic, sustainable solutions. My research focuses on humanitarian supply chain management. The challenge in this area lies in the efficient design of the supply chain in a highly volatile environment.

Information and Advice

Research Projects

Information about research conducted at the doctoral school can be found

Admission Deadlines

Admissions to doctoral studies are possible in the current semester at any time up to a maximum of ten days before the start of the general admission period of the following semester. Admission deadlines

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Teaching staff and Institutes

Teaching staff

People with license to teach (venia docendi) at the doctoral school can supervise your dissertation. Information about the areas of expertise and publications of the teaching staff can be found on their respective business cards. Teaching staff


The following institutes are associated with the Doctoral School of Techno-Economics.
Information about the publications and projects from each institute can be obtained by viewing their respective business cards.