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Doctoral School of Civil Engineering Sciences

In the Doctoral School of Civil Engineering Sciences, you conduct independent research on a high academic level within the field of Civil Engineering. In addition, you gain national and international research experience by taking part in conferences and workshops, as well as by publishing in professional journals.



    • Independent research in a specialized area of Civil Engineering
    • Find solutions for scientific and technological problems
    • Publish in peer-reviewed journals
    • Prepare and defend research results
    • Give presentations at public conferences or workshops specific to the research field
    • Build a subject-specific network
    • Exchange information on the progress and results of your dissertation research with your supervisor well as with other students

      Courses (curricular workload)

        • Deepen your knowledge in a subject area of the field Civil Engineering
        • Gain knowledge of and experience with scientific methods
        • Successfully complete interdisciplinary courses offered at the TU Graz
        • Attend courses offered at foreign universities or other educational institutions

          Focus Areas

          • Fundamentals of engineering, such as mechanics, construction physics, measurement technology,  construction material sciences, structural analysis
          • Structural engineering
          • Geotechnics
          • Infrastructure
          • Hydraulic engineering and water resources management
          • Construction management and economics
          Huge modell of a river in an exhibition hall. Photo source: Lunghammer - TU Graz
          Peter Joachim Heinrich. Source: Kanizaj – TU Graz
          Peter Joachim HEINRICH, PhD student in Civil Engineering Sciences

          I study Civil Engineering Sciences because I find it fascinating shaping the environment and at the same time doing good things for people.

          Information and Advice

          Wolfgang Richter, Postgraduate Student of the Doctoral School of Civil Engineering Sciences at TU Graz. Photo source: Richter
          Wolfgang Richter, PhD student in Civil Engineering Sciences

          I am working at the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management and studying at the Doctoral School of Civil Engineering Sciences. The work at the Institute has allowed me to create partnerships, build networks and both present my research and increase my knowledge at international congresses. The broad range of technical research and applications at the TU Graz has allowed me to create an interface with other disciplines. I am convinced that interdisciplinary exchange is the key to new achievements, gaining knowledge and making economic applications. My work and doctoral studies, which overlap one another professionally, present very exciting challenges.

          Admission Deadlines

          Summer semester 2022:

          10 January to 30 April 2022

          Winter semester 2022/23:

          11 July to 31 October 2022

          Further informationen on registration and admission

          International degree programme applicants: admission and application deadlines

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          Teaching staff and Institutes

          Teaching staff

          People with license to teach (venia docendi) at the doctoral school can supervise your dissertation.
          Information about the areas of expertise and publications of the teaching staff can be found on their respective business cards.

          Teaching staff