Visiting Professors in 2022

4310 Electric Drives and Machines Institute:

Associate Professor Maryam SAEEDIFARD, PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
01.11.2022 - 30.11.2022:
431.317 Selected Topics of Drive Systems (High-Voltage DC Current Transmission Systems), 2 VO

4340 Institute of Electricity Economics and Energy Innovation:

Assoc.Prof. Juan Miguel MORALES GONZÁLES, PhD, University of Málaga, Spanien
23.05.2022 - 03.06.2022:
434.502 Decision Making in Electricity, 1 VU

Assistant Prof. José PORTELA, PhD, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spanien
04.07.2022 - 20.07.2022:
434.008 Selected Topics of Electricity Economics and Energy Innovation (Machine Learning for Energy Applications), 2 VO

4480 Institute of Technical Informatics:

Dr. Friedemann MATTERN, Professor (em.) ETH Zurich, Switzerland
01.03.2022 - 31.07.2022:
448.256 Selected Topics Communications and Mobile Computing (The dawn of the digital age: selected topics from the history of computing and communication technologies), 3 VU