Pictures of the Month 2014

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
<b>December 2014</b>
GRAZ Junker Expo 2014
<b>November 2014</b>
Our colleagues C. Faustmann (3rd from the left) and M. Steiner (4th from the left) with other conference participants at the Delta Flight Museum during AIAA Aviation 2014
<b>October 2014</b>
Group picture with colleagues and students taken during our latest excursion to voestalpine in Linz.
<b>September 2014</b>
Our former colleague Michael Buchmayr with Professor Darwish and Professor Sanz (from left to right) after his thesis defense!
<b>August 2014</b>
Pictures from our last annual barbecue! Thanks to everyone for taking part! And a special thanks to our organizers and grill masters!
<b>July 2014</b>
Nearly everyone from the institute was at the ASME Turbo Expo this year! We have proudly presented 9 papers and 3 posters!
<b>June 2014</b>
Celebrating the habilitation of Dr. Offner and saying goodbye to Mrs. Böhm. We congratulate Dr. Offner and wish all the best to Mrs. Böhm in her new life as a mother.
<b>May 2014</b>
Our colleague Michael Steiner recently became father! We congratulate him and his wife, and wish their son Philipp a long and healthy life, and lots of joy and love along the way!
<b>April 2014</b>
Prof. Wolfgang Sanz with Prof. Max Platzer, Prof. Anthony Gannon and the lab technician John of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, during his stay as a visiting scientist!
<b>March 2014</b>
Visiting Professor Marwan Darwish with Wolfgang Sanz skiing at Salzstiegl!
<b>February 2014</b>
Our colleague Christian Faustmann using his climbing equipment to change the temperature sensor at the inlet of the air brake compressor!
<b>January 2014</b>