Pictures of the Month 2010

Congratulations to Fabrice Giuliani for achieving the venia docendi in the field of combustion technologies!
<b>December 2010</b>
Steady 3D Euler calculation of the 2-stage DREAM test turbine
<b>November 2010</b>
The running team of the institute at the Graz Marathon 2010. Fabrice Giuliani (back, left), Andreas Lang (back, right), Thomas Leitgeb (front, left), Christian Faustmann (front, right).
<b>October 2010</b>
Lifted premixed swirl-stabilized flame generated with the variable geometry burner developed at the institute.
<b>September 2010</b>
Prof. Jericha received the R. Tom Sawyer Award for his contributions to advance the purpose of the Gas Turbine Industry and the International Gas Turbine Institute at the ASME Turbo Expo 2010 in Glasgow (Scotland).
<b>August 2010</b>
Prof. Heitmeir in the captains seat of the A380 during the Berlin Air Show (ILA).
<b>July 2010</b>
Practical exercise during the safety instruction at our institute.
<b>June 2010</b>
Jakob Woisetschl├Ąger with students and friends during his 'Erasmus teaching mobility' in the Netherlands.
<b>May 2010</b>
Professor Heitmeir at an interview with the austrian broadcasting corporation ORF concerning the volcano ash cloud over europe and aircraft gas-turbine operation.
April 2010
Participants of the pretest meeting of the EU project DREAM in front of the turbine test facility at the institute.
<b>March 2010</b>
Prof. Heitmeir, Mr. Haubenhofer and Mr. Antonitsch (from the left) next to the cut-off model of the Saab Draken jetengine at the institute.
<b>February 2010</b>
Students performing different exercises during practical lectures at the institute.
<b>January 2010</b>