Pictures of the Month 2009

Team of the institute together with a Draken engine (the modern reindeer), a present of the Austrian Armed Forces and modified to a cut-off model by the institute's workshop.
<b>December 2009</b>
Mr. Kumpf (MTU), Rector Sünkel (TU Graz), and Prof. Heitmeir presenting components of the EJ 200 engine (Eurofighter) which were given to TU Graz by MTU.
<b>November 2009</b>
Prof. Heitmeir was honoured by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency for his excellent work as coordinator and host of the 8th European Turbomachinery Conference.
<b>October 2009</b>
Congratulations to Dr. Mathias Moser who received his PhD on 9 September, 2009.
<b>September 2009</b>
Visit of the Kennedy Space Center during the ASME Turbo Expo held in Orlando, Florida.
<b>August 2009</b>
Annual institute's barbecue
<b>July 2009</b>
Instantaneous entropy contours in a compressor. CFD simulation performed by Peter Leitl during his diploma thesis at the institute.
<b>June 2009</b>
Meridional section of the Transonic Test Turbine Facility (TTTF) for the DREAM configuration
<b>May 2009</b>
Prof. Heitmeir talking to the audience at the opening ceremony of the 8th European Turbomachinery Conference
<b>April 2009</b>
Final Programm of the 8th European Turbomachinery Conference (ETC) held in Graz
<b>March 2009</b>
The 8th European Turbomachinery Conference (ETC) is hosted by the Institute for Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics.
<b>February 2009</b>
Mr. Turcsanyi and Mr. Preßnitz working on the cut-model of a Svenska Flygmotor RM6C
<b>January 2009</b>