Team Veas: Immersive Environments

Immersive technologies are increasingly becoming a key industrial asset for showcasing products, installations, as well as for training personnel.

Our research aims to extend human capabilities through computer-mediated interactions.

Interactions between human and machine proceed through a paradigm, a range of actions and feedback enacted by one or more interfaces which may adopt various forms and modalities. At each step, the human evaluates action/feedback to decide the next action based on a mental model of the machine. With sufficient data obtained from interactions, it is possible to create a human model to interpret, improve and/or adapt the reaction of the system.

Our research sits at the frontier of artificial intelligence, data science and human-machine interaction with the mission to create interfaces that exploit the synergies between humans and computing systems. We design and research novel interfaces that incorporate reliable data collection, processing, modelling and sense-making. We rely on various sensor/actuator modalities and leverage various analytics techniques, modelling and machine learning algorithms to facilitate designing of intelligent and adaptive user interfaces and interactions.

We support our partners in (applied) research projects with expertise in:
- computing user research, usability studies, human-computer interaction
- time-series analysis with deep learning, deep reinforcement learning
- wearable computing, virtual and augmented reality

Team Leader: Eduardo Veas

+43 316 873 30858
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Team members:

  • Aleksandra Kranjc
  • Granit Luzhnica
  • Lucas Iacono
  • Adrian Remonda
  • Jorg Simon
  • Jeremy Chan
  • Oliver Prentner
  • Benedikt Tschechner
  • Reihaneh Manteghi