The field of Interactive Systems deals with a wide range of computer systems characterized by a high degree of interaction between humans and computers. The research focuses on advanced 2D and 3D visualization methods and smart interfaces for multimodal input and control. On the back-end side, research on information platforms, especially web and gaming technologies, forms the basis for advanced and large-scale systems. The field of Data Science comprises both advanced data analytics and large-scale data management. In this context, data analytics deals with research fields such as Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, or Machine Learning, while Data Management deals with fundamentals of database systems, distributed databases, or NoSQL database technologies. Active research and development of the 15 research groups cover a wide range of topics such as Web Applications, Game Development, E-Education and E-Assessment, Information and Knowledge Visualization, Human-Computer Interfaces, Web Science, Natural Language Processing, Network Science, Data Mining, Time Series Analysis, Stream Data Processing, or Temporal Databases.