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  • Founding Year: In the year 2017, two existing Institutes, Institute for Informationsystems and Computer Media (IICM) - headed by Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Frank Kappe and Knowledge Technologies Institute (KTI) headed by Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Inf. Dr. Stefanie Lindstaedt merged and formed the Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science (ISDS), headed by Stefanie Lindstaedt
  • No. of Employees: over 90 employees
  • No. of Research groups: 15

Interactive Systems...

address a wide range of computer systems characterised by significant amounts of interaction and modalities between humans and the computer. ISDS scope of research and development focuses on system’s front end on advanced 2d and 3d visualization methods and on smart interfaces for multimodal input and control. On the backend side, research in information platforms, specifically web and game technologies, underpins the foundation for enhanced and large-scale systems accessible by the latest variety of end devices.

Data Science...

comprises both advanced data analytics as well as large scale data management. Thereby, data analytics deals with research fields such as knowledge discovery, data mining, or machine learning, whereas data management is concerned with fundamentals of database systems, distributes databases, or more recently NoSQL database technologies. Utilizing such methods ISDS researchers typically concentrate on datasets, which are either considered to be challenging due to their size or other characteristics like skewed distributions.

Active research and development includes subjects such as Web applications, Game Design and Development, e-Education and e-Assessment, Information and Knowledge Visualisation, Human-Computer Interfaces, Social Networks Analysis, Web Science, Natural Language Processing, Network Science, Data Mining, Time Series Analysis, Stream Data Processing, Temporal Databases, to name a few.


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