Team Pammer-Schindler: Working, Learning and Technology

This group’s research on interactive systems design from a socio-technical and learning perspective is situated in human-computer interaction, and in educational technology from a human-computer perspective.
Socio-technical design means that technologies don't work on their own. Rather, the whole socio-technical system in which they are placed needs to work in harmony. Subsequently, our research is about designing socio-technical interventions.
This group’s work is design-oriented in two senses: i) researching which and what kinds of socio-technical interventions support lifelong human learning; and ii) researching how such interventions can be systematically developed (research on socio-technical design methods).

In this research, learning is a focal domain of design. We see learning broadly, however, and typically outside a formal educational context. Rather, we see learning as a lifelong human endeavour, and as such as interwoven and connected to all other human activities. Learning also makes us human, and life interesting. Subsequently, our research tightly connects to fundamentally existential questions such as how to live humanly in a digitalised world, and how to be professionally successful on the background of a digitalised, demanding, and changing world of work (lifelong professional learning).

The group’s technology focus is on data analytics and AI-enabled technologies. We use methods from user-centered and contextual design; and carry out experimental studies, design studies and field studies. Analysis methods are qualitative, quantiative, and data analytics based when log data are available and meaningful.

More details and up-to-date information on research and teaching activities, including open theses are on Viktoria Pammer-Schindler's TU Graz page.

Team Leader: Viktoria Pammer-Schindler

+43 316 873 30830
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Team members:

  • Angela Fessl - PostDoc
  • Mia Bangerl – Researcher and PhD Student
  • Michael Fruhwirth – PhD student
  • Leonie Disch – PhD student
  • Milan Latinovic – PhD student
  • Behzad Mirzababaei – PhD student
  • Irmtraud Wolfbauer – PhD student
  • Christof Wolf-Brenner – PhD student