Team Garcia: Computational Social Science Lab (CSS Lab)

The CSS Lab (Computational Social Science) is an interdisciplinary group of computer scientists, psychologists, physicists, and sociologists led by David Garcia at the Graz University of Technology and the Complexity Science Hub Vienna.

Our aim is to understand human behavior and  technological phenomena in the digital society. We combine the analysis of large-scale digital trace data with computational modelling to provide a cohesive view of human behavior and its relation to information and communication technologies. We work on four research lines:

  • Computational Affective Science: Applying computational methods to understand affective life and emotional well-being.
  • Polarization Dynamics: Analyzing the origins and consequences of opinion polarization, social fragmentation, and political sectarianism in our digital society.
  • Digital Inequality: Studying how online media capture and create inequalities in society at large.
  • Complex Privacy: Analyzing online social networks to discover how the actions of others affect the control we have on our data.
Team Leader: David Garcia
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Team Members:

  • Jana Lasser
  • Hannah Metzler
  • Max Pellert
  • Anna di Natale