Joining Technology

friction stir welding of steel - ©TU Graz / IMAT
Gleeble - ©TU Graz / IMAT

Joining, which is an essential technology for most of the modern products of the daily life, has a long tradition at IMAT. In addition to the work on conventional arc welding processes, our team also investigates friction and electron beam welding. In cooperation with the aviation group also devices for friction stir spot and ultrasonic welding are available.

Not only existing modern welding techniques are studied in detail in these topics, but prototype machines are designed in cooperation with our partners to advance innovative solutions and to further develop experimental techniques. Using arc or electron beam as heat source in combination with filler wires are the base for developing unique additive manufacturing solutions.

Steel still represents the main area of investigated materials, but other materials such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, titanium alloys or even polymers are also examined. Besides joining these materials also joining dissimilar materials is a special focus at IMAT. Therefore, but not limited to dissimilar joints the investigation of the corrosion resistance is of special interest. Due to different processes available, joining processes ranges from sub-mm thin components up to 100mm thick parts via single or multi-layer welds with or without filler materials. As the materials

Systematic experimental investigations of joining processes are supported by modelling of the processes. Temperature field, microstructure development and residual stresses are typical results of these efforts. Furthermore

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