Internal - External IMAT Seminars


upcoming seminars:

  • 11 September 2024, 14:00 - 17:00
  • 09 October 2024, 09:00 - 12:00

175th IMAT seminar / 16.07.2024

174th IMAT seminar / 26.06.2024

173rd - IMAT seminar / 29.05.2024
Matteo Molteni, PhD-Student from Politecnico di Milano
“Exploitation of WAAM technology for the production of tailored immiscible alloys-based Phase Change Materials”

172nd - IMAT seminar / 08.05.2024

171st - IMAT seminar / 10.04.2024

170th - IMAT external seminar / 06.03.2024
Dr. Athanasios Toumpis, Ass.Prof. from University of Strathclyde
“Latest Advanced Joining & Surface Engineering Research in Strathclyde”

169th - IMAT seminar / 25.01.2024


168th - IMAT seminar / 13.12.2023

Kaoutar Babouri, PhD from National Higher School of Technology and Engineering Sidi Amar - Annaba (EX Ecole nationale supérieure des Mines et Métallurgie), Algeria
„Dynamic transformation via processing maps and modeling in Titanium alloys“

167th - IMAT seminar / 29.11.2023

166th - IMAT external seminar / 09.10.2023

Dr. Michael Schöbel, Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik
"Materials Characterization for Hydrogen High-Pressure Applications"

165th - IMAT seminar / 15.09.2023

164th - IMAT seminar / 15.06.2023

163rd - IMAT external seminar / 07.06.2023

Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Marco Ormellese and Prof. Fabio Bolzoni
“Electrochemical charging of carbon steel and low alloy steel”

Sergio Pastore
“Unified modelling the high-pressure and low temperature hydrogen solubility of X70 pipeline steel“


162nd - IMAT external seminar / 15.05.2023

Institute of materials and machine mechanics, The Slovak academy of sciences - IMMM SAS

Martin Nosko
“Overview of research activities at IMMM SAS”

Martin Balog
“Structural Al-AlN MMC for high temperature use"

Peter Krizik
“Small punch test technique for creep testing”

Moara Marques de Castro
„Fully biodegradable Zn-ZnO MMC for stents“

Kateryna Kamyshnykova
„Design, processing and properties of precipitation hardenable complex concentrated alloys resistant to hydrogen embrittlement”
“Development and characterisation of alloys and in-situ composites based on TiAl with the enhanced high-temperature capability”

161st - IMAT seminar / 11.05.2023

160th - IMAT seminar / 17.04.2023

159th - IMAT seminar / 09.03.2023

158th - IMAT seminar / 06.02.2023

157th - IMAT seminar / 13.01.2023


156th IMAT seminar / 02.12.2022

155th IMAT seminar / 04.11.2022

Topic: "Computational modeling applied to material processing"
lecturer: Prof. Fernando Diego Carazo
National University of San Juan and Researcher at CONICET, Head of Materials Laboratory at IMA-FI-UNSJ - Institute of Materials Science, San Juan - Argentina

154th IMAT seminar / 04.10.2022
Topic: „Fatigue behaviour and fatigue limits of weldments“
Lecturer: PhD. Eng. Mirco Daniel Chapetti
Department of Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

153rd IMAT seminar / 01.07.2022
Topic: “Phase arrangement effects in the thermal response of composite Phase Change Materials”
lecturer: Prof. Elisabetta Gariboldi
Politecnico Milano, Department of Mechanical Engineering

152nd IMAT seminar / 03.06.2022

151st IMAT seminar / 13.05.2022

150th IMAT seminar / 01.04.2022
Topic: “A numerical and experimental approach to the development of Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding tools”
lecturer: Jonathan Draper
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

149th IMAT seminar / 04.03.2022

148th online IMAT seminar / 14.01.2022


147th online IMAT seminar / 26.11.2021

146th online IMAT seminar / 05.11.2021
„Interaction between the sheet segments’ springback during simple bending of tailor welded blanks“
lecutrer: Gábor J. Béres PhD,
John von Neumann University,
GAMF Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Innovative Vehicles and Material

Topic: "Research of new beta-Ti alloys at Charles University - from oxygen effects to hip implants"
Dalibor Preisler, Phd
Charles University Prag

143rd online IMAT seminar / 08.10.2021
Topic: „Characterization of TLPBonding for inconel-718“
Prof. Silvana Sommadossi,
National University of Comahue, Argentinia

Topic: „Corrosion and surface modification of Additive Manufacturing lightweight alloys“
Hugo Mora Sanchez
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Topic: ‘Wire arc addtive manufacturing“
lecturer: Prof. Oleg Panchenko,
St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia

‘Friction Stir welding“
lecturer: Prof. Anton Naumow,
St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia

Topic: ‘Microstructure Control during metal additive manufacturing’
Sophie Primig, Scientia Associate Professor
School of Materials Science & Engineering, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

142nd online IMAT seminar / 21.09.2021
lecturer: Dr. Sophie Rivoirard and Romain Caniou
CNRS/ Institut Néel, Grenoble France

141st online IMAT seminar / 06.09.2021

140th online IMAT seminar / 25.06.2021

139th online IMAT seminar / 28.05.2021

138th online IMAT seminar / 16.04.2021

137th online IMAT seminar / 05.03.2021
Topic: Lehigh University - Introduction and Historical Overview
Lecturer: Prof. Herman Nied
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Lehigh University, USA

136th online IMAT seminar / 29.01.2021
Topic: Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Thick-Walled Ultra High Strength Steel welded by MAG and EBW
lecturer: Dr. Mustafa Tümer
University Kocaeli, Turkey


135th IMAT seminar / 04.12.2020
Topic: Modeling and Simulation of the Sintering process.
Lecturer: Prateek Prakash Srivastava
Slovak Adacemy of Sciences

134th online IMAT seminar / 06.11.2020
Topic: Graz μCT consortium: where we stand and where we are going
Lecturer: Dr. Eduardo Machado-Charry
Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Graz

133rd IMAT Seminar / 02.10.2020

132nd online IMAT Seminar / 04.09.2020

131st online IMAT Seminar / 24.07.2020

130th online IMAT Seminar / 26.06.2020

129th online IMAT Seminar / 29.05.2020

128th online IMAT Seminar / 08.05.2020

127th IMAT Seminar / 28.01.2020

2019 - 2016

126th IMAT Seminar / 06.12.2019
Topic "Critical insights into thermophysical modeling for predictive material simulations"
Lecturer: Ass.Prof. Dr. Sc. ETH Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz
TU Wien

125th IMAT Seminar / 03.12.2019
Topic: "Tribology Research at Lulea University"
Lecturer: Assoc.Prof. Jens Hardell
Lulea University of Technology

124th IMAT Seminar / 08.11.2019

123rd IMAT Seminar / 30.10.2019

Topic: „Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing“
Assoc. Prof. Oleg Panchenko, PhD
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

„Friction Stir Welding“
Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anton A. Naumov
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

122nd IMAT Seminar / 04.10.2019

122nd IMAT Seminar / 10.09.2019

121st IMAT Seminar / 06.08.2019

120th IMAT Seminar / 03.07.2019

119th IMAT Seminar / 07.06.2019

118th IMAT Seminar / 24.05.2019

Topic: Overview of Physics, Modeling, and Metallurgy Research at Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining
Lecturer: Prof. Patricio F. Mendez
University of Alberta

117th IMAT Seminar / 03.05.2019
Topic: Brittle fracture in polymer-based nanocomposites under complex loading
Lecturer: Prof. Majid R. Ayatollahi
School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology Theran

116th IMAT Seminar / 05.04.2019
Topic: Continuous severe plastic deformation: introduction of a novel method
Lecturer: Motjaba Pourbashiri
Iran University of Science and Technology

Topic: Observation of the Behavior of Inconel 718
Lecturer: Mateo Gasselin
University of Bordeaux

115th IMAT Seminar / 08.03.2019
Lecturer: Prof. Mauzizio Vedani
Politechnico di Milano, Departement of Mechanical Engineering

Topic: Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of ALSi7Mg Alloy Processed by Selective Laser Melting
Lecturer: Zahra Sajedi
Politechnico Milano

Topic: Study on the chemical composition effects of LTT fillers in the welding residual stress of martensitic stainless steel
Seyed Ali Hoseini
Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran

114th IMAT Seminar / 01.02.2019
Topic: Dynamisch Mechanische Analyse bei Anton Paar
Lecturer: Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Troiss

13th IMAT Seminar / 07.12.2018

112th IMAT Seminar / 09.11.2018

Topic: Effect of composition on the precipitation of β’ in ferritic Fe-Ni-Al alloys
Lecturer: Carlos Ferreira
National Polytechnic Institute - Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Mexiko

111th IMAT Seminar / 12.10.2018
Topic: Characterization of Cu-In-Sn isopleths for Pb free Transient Liquid Phase Bonding
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Silvana Sommadossi
Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Agentinia

Topic: Effect of high temperature preheating to processing Ti6Al4V alloy by Selective Laser Technology
Lecturer: Ing. Martin Maly
Brno University of Technology

110th IMAT Seminar / 14.09.2018
Topic: Mechanical integrity and corrosion behavior of metal-composite structures joined by FSpJ
Lecturer: Natalia Manente

Topic: Design and mechanical integrity of friction-riveted multi-material joints for aircraft structures
Lecturer: Natascha Zocoller Borba

Topic: AddJoining: a new additive manufacturing technique for layered metal-polymer hybrid structures
Lecturer: Rielson Falck

Helmholtz - Zentrum Geesthacht, GermanyInstitute of Materials Research, Materials Mechanics, Joining Solid State Joining Processes (WMP), Advanced Polymer-Metal Hybrid Structures' Group

109th IMAT Seminar / 17.08.2018
Topic: Hot deformation behaviour of precipitates free Inconel 718
Lecturer: Franco Lizzi
National University of Comahue, Argentina

Topic: The effect of electron beam surface treatment on corrosion behavior of biodegradable magnesium implant
Lecturer: Arezzo Ghanbari
Institute of Materials and Energy Alborz

108th IMAT Seminar / 29.06.2018

107th IMAT Seminar / 08.06.2018
Topic: Clad Layer caracteristic in coopler clad aluminum wire
Lecturer: Fariborz Fatehi Sichani
University of Birjand

Topic: Electron Beam Welding of metallic glass foil
Lecturer: Mircea Nicolaescu
Polytechnic University of Timisoara

106th IMAT Seminar / 13.04.2018
Topic: Microstructure characterisation of Titanium alloys
Lecturer: Paul Berrus

Topic: Metallographic investigation of a pure aluminium wire reinforce by SPD process and contribution to simulation of an ECAP process to improve teh actual SPD machine
Lecturer: Thomas Clavelou
University of Bordeaux

105th IMAT internal Seminar / 18.05.2018
Topic: Phase identification in Ni based materials bonded with TLPB
Lecturer: Mariana Polliserpi
National University of Comahue, Argentina

Topic: Clad layer characteristic in copper clad aluminium wire
Lecturer: Fariborz Fatehi Sichani
University of Birjand

104th IMAT internal Seminar / 23.03.2018
Topic 1: Use of fracture mechanics on friction welded joint
Lecturer: Doc. Dr. Tomaž Vuherer

Topic 2: Genetic programming approach for modelling of deep drawing process parameters
Lecturer: Ass.Prof. Dr. Leo Gusel

Topic 3: Overview of experimental methods for thermomechanical data
Lecturer: Assoc.Prof. Cecilia Poletti

103rd IMAT internal Seminar / 26.01.2018
Topic: Evaluation of the corrosion resistance performance of different zinc coatings in 0.5 M sodium chloride solution
Lecturer: Franz Miller Branco Ferraz

102nd IMAT internal Seminar / 01.12.2017
Topic 1: Mg/HAp Metal Matrix Bio-Composite (Fabrication and Characterization of Mechanical and Microstructural properties)
Lecturer: Arash Shafiee Sabet, Fogh-lis. Lis

Topic 2: READY FOR RAMP-UP? - A framework to define and assess ramp-up readiness of advanced materials for high-tech applications
Lecturer: Dipl.-Ing. Martin Kremsmayr

Topic 3: Study to understand reversible temper embrittlements of high strength steel
Lecturer: Em.-Prof. Horst Cerjak

101st IMAT internal Seminar / 03.11.2017
Topic: JOIN M2 und M3
Lecturer: Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schneider

100th IMAT internal Seminar / 09.10.2017
Topic: Introduction of the new optical 3D measurement system at IMAT-T&F
Lecturer: DDDipl.-Ing. Dr.mont Josef Domitner

99th IMAT internal Seminar / 09.10.2017
Topic: What can you expect to measure, and what does it mean?
Lecturer: Univ.-Prof. Bernhard Sonderegger

98th IMAT internal Seminar / 26.07.2017
Topic: General Solution to Heat flow problem in Welding
Lecturer: Mohammad Bagher Nasiri, Fogh-lis.

97th IMAT external Seminar / 26.07.2017
Topic: Flusssäure - Handhabung und gute Laborpraxis (GLP)
Lecturer: Dipl.-Chem. Dr.rer.nat. Alk Dransfeld

96th IMAT internal Seminar / 07.07.2017
Topic: Magnesium alloys: Processing & Characterization techniques
Lecturer: Eng. Mestr. Ricardo Henrique Buzolin

95th IMAT internal Seminar / 07.07.2017
Topic: Physical simulation studies on weldability of high strength steel for naval application
Lecturer: M.Tech. B. Tech Kumar Sanjeev

94th IMAT external Seminar / 06.07.2017
Topic: Numerical simulation of laser material processing: model basics and case studies
Lecturer: Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl. Phys. Andreas Otto

93rd IMAT internal Seminar / 05.05.2017
Topic: Rotary Friction Welding of Molybdenum Components
Lecturer: Dipl.-Ing. Markus Stütz

92nd IMAT external Seminar / 21.02.2017
Topic: Research in Applied Computer Science and Modeling at the AGH Krakow
Lecturer: Krzysztof Bzowski; Mateusz Sitko; Grzegorz Smyk

91st IMAT internal Seminar / 07.02.2017
Topic: FMEA - Stand der Technik und Entwicklungstendenzen
Lecturer: Boris Petrovic, Dipl.-Ing.

90th IWS external Seminar / 28.11.2016
Topic: Hot work tool steels manufactured by selective laser melting
Lecturer: Jochen Giedenbacher, MSc.

89th IWS external Seminar / 05.07.2016
Topic: Deformation behavior and microstructure-texture in TWIP steels after deformation at varying strain rates
Lecturer: Dr. Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury from National Metallurgical Laboratory, India

88th IWS external Seminar / 28.04.2016
Topic: HITEMAL (high temperature aluminium): unique ultrafine-grained Al composites stabilized in situ by nano-scale Al2O3 phase
Lecturer:  Martin Balog

87th IWS internal Seminar / 07.04.2016
Topic: Embrittlement of high strenght weld metal due to post weld heat treatmen (PWHT)
Lecturer: Horst Cerjak

86th IWS external Seminar  / 09.03.2016
Topic: The latest developments and applications associated with Solid State Joining and Friction Extrusion Technology
Lecturer: Michael Skinner

85th IWS external Seminar / 25.02.2016
Topic: Electron Beam Characterization
Lecturer: Sebastian Ufer

84th IWS external  Seminar / 24.02.2016
Topic: Magnesium research in the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Lecturer: Norbert Hort

83rd IWS internal Seminar / 17.02.2016
Topic: Friction Stir Welding of HSLA Steel X70 doped with TiO2
Lecturer: Rasul Pouriamanesh

82nd IWS external  Seminar / 10.02.2016
Topic: Insights into phase transformations and microstructure development of TiAl alloys by use of advanced characterisation techniques
Lecturer: Florian Pyczac

81st IWS external Seminar /03.02.2016
Topic: Conzepts to Optimize Aging of Al-Mg-Si alloys
Lecturer:  Stefan   Pogatscher

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