About the project


The student project marathon was a cooperation between Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) and Graz University of Technology. The IMAT was involved in two out of six projects:

FSW: Standard and modified friction stir welding of Al-Mg-Cu-Zn alloy realized on different welding equipment (Sebastian Fritsche)
BW: Comparison of Laser Beam Welindg (LBW) and Electron Beam Welding (EBW) using the material 6082-T6 (Matthias Moschinger)

These two topics were supervised by Prof. Sergio de Traglia Amancio Filho, Dr. Goncalo Filipe Pina Cipriano and Prof. Norbert Enzinger.

The Student Project Marathon

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The project started in October 2019, when the students and supervisors from TU Graz went to St. Petersburg to perform different tests on the equipment of the SPbPU. Together with the Team of Prof. Anton Naumov and his students A. Tesleva and P. Polyakov, the tasks of the project have been defined. Moreover, Prof. Norbert Enzinger and Prof. Sergio Amancio have held lectures on advanced welding and additive manufacturing process for MSc students at SPbPU.

In case of FSW three different tests have been performed in St. Petersburg and in Graz. Besides the standard FSW Process, a 2Hz impulse and a high-speed test have been performed, to investigate the influence of the different equipment available at the two universities. Within the projects, students had the chance to learn more about the process of FSW.In the first week of November, the Russian-Team visited our Institute in Graz to see our equipment and characterization procedure including tensile test and metallography. Prof. Oleg Panschenko and Prof Naumov presented SPbPU lab facilities and R&D activities in the area of additive manufacturing and solid-state welding of metals at IMAT.

1st prize Student Project Marathon


In the first week of December, the final presentation of the projects took place in St. Petersburg. On this final event, the projects from all the participating faculties have been presented in front of a jury. Matthias Moschinger and Alina Kuzicheva won the first price for their work on the comparison of LBM and EBW.

Within this project, the participating students learned a lot about the used welding techniques and investigate materials. Besides the scientific work, the social aspect of this project was very important. All the participating students had the chance to visit the partner university and respective countries. All in all this was very good opportunity for the students to learn more about new manufacturing processes, new cultures and peers, while the involved senior researchers were able to exchange scientific knowledge and visit the partner university’s laboratories.