Corrosion Laboratory

Images: © Ke; TU Graz/IMAT

In order to investigate the impacts of corrosion on materials, a corrosion lab was set up in our department.
Using chemical and electrochemical experimental techniques, samples can be controlled, corroded and subsequently the  influences on material properties can be investigated.

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Machine/Device Specification
Corrosion Chest

Images: © Ke; TU Graz/IMAT

Corrosion attack on components with:

neutral-, acetic acid-, copper acetic acid salt spray, condense water or the combination

Electrochemical Test  


Corrosion cell volume: 100, 1000 ml

Potential range: +/- 10V
Currentmax: +/- 800mA

Bending Test  

Susceptibility to Hydrogen embrittlement


Hydrochloric acid drops induce hydrogen

Bending stressmax: 4000 N/mm2


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