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Images: © Ke; TU Graz/IMAT

In our labs the welding processes arc welding, electron beam welding (EBW) and friction stir welding (FSW) are used. The focus is on the development of similar and dissimilar welds of alu, steel, copper, magnesium, titanium and their alloys. These processes are also used in the research areas Additive Manufacturing (AM), surface structuring as well as in changes of material properties.

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PlaMachine/Device Specification

Plasma Welding

Image: © Mayr; TU Graz/IMAT


450 A plasma torch
different welding modes DC-,DC+, puls
two heatable wire feeds
Two powder feeds
floodable working chamber  work in inert atmosphere
→ welding in different positions PA/PEdifferent measurement systems inside the chamber:

  • 5 thermocouples Typ K, 1 Typ
  • Spyrometer
  • 1 strain gauge
  • arc cam

Arc Welding

Images: © Ke; TU Graz/IMAT


Manual welding
Roboter controlled welding

Highspeed video arc analysis
Max. framerates:
5400fps (1024x1024px)
21600fps (512x512px)

Friction Stir Welding  


Fmax Z-Axis: 30kN
Stage: 1000 x 3000mm
RPM max: 3200
Position and force controlled

Electron Beam Welding


High Voltage max: 150 KV
Chambersize: 1 m3

HAZ Simulation

Gleeble 3800 Basic

Conductive heating; Rate: 10000K/s
Thermocouples: Type S, K
Qenching: Air, Water


Highspeed Video Arc Analysis