Current and finished PhD theses of the Wilkening group

currently running PhD theses

  • Maria Gombotz, Anion dynamics in mechanochemically synthesized nanocrystalline phases
  • Bernhard Gadermaier, Effect of structural disorder on Li ion dynamics, biotemplated cathode materials
  • Katharina Hogrefe, Coupling of translational and rotational ion dynamics in solid electrolytes
  • Marina Brinek, Li ion dynamics in LVP (lithium vanadium phosphate)
  • Caroline Hiebl, Li/H ion dynamics in solid electrolytes
  • Martin Phillip, Interfacial processes in all-solid-state batteries
  • Roman Zettl, Hybrid composites: ion transport along internal interfaces
  • Lukas Ladenstein, Interfaces in Batteries

finished theses (2014 - 2019)

We thank the CDG, the EU (H2020) and the FFG for financial support.
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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Wilkening
Chair of Solid Chemistry of New Energy Storage Materials

Graz University of Technology