Awards of the Wilkening group

prizes for PhD theses and scientific achievements

  • Dr. Katharina Hogrefe, Award of Excellence, Staatspreis Österreich 2024
  • Dr. Katharina Hogrefe, Hans List Fonds 2024
  • Dr. Daniel Rettenwander, AuCerS young scientist award 2022
  • Dr. Daniel Rettenwander, Habilitation Award of the Austrian Chemical Society, 2018
  • Dr. F. Preishuber-Pflügl, Josef Krainer-Förderungspreis 2017
  • Dr. Julia Langer, Förderungspreis des Landes Steiermark 2016

prize for the best oral presentation

  • Dr. B. Gadermaier, Euromat, Area A, Stockholm 2019

poster prizes

  • K. Hogrefe (EMRS poster prize, EMRS Strasbourg, 2023)
  • A. Jodlbauer (best poster prize of IMLB, Sydney, 2022)
  • M. Gombotz (Solid State Ionics 2019, PCCP poster award)
  • P. Posch (poster award, ICE (IEEE), Lausanne 2019)
  • B. Stanje (poster award, EMRS, Lille, 2016)
  • I. Hanghofer (poster award, Solid State Ionics, Padua 2016)
  • D. Prutsch (nanoFIS award 2014 and DocDays TU Graz 2014)
  • P. Bottke (Posterpreis, GDCh-Fachtagung „Materialforschung und Festkörperchemie” Dresden 2012)


We thank the CDG, the EU (H2020) and the FFG for financial support.
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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Wilkening
Chair of Solid Chemistry of New Energy Storage Materials

Graz University of Technology