Current group

PhD students

Tobias Burger MSc (supervision shared with Sergey Borisov; within Porous Materials@Work)

DI Irene Dalfen (supervision shared with Ingo Klimant; within Porous Materials@Work)

Susanne Fischer MSc (CD laboratory)

DI Petra Hofstadler (UMA-H)

DI Katharina Kodolitsch (Porous Materials@Work)

Karin Ratzenböck MSc (CD laboratory)

DI Aleksej Samojlov (shared supervision with Stefan Freunberger)


Diploma students

Jakob Simon Dohr (working with Infineon)

David Edinger (CD laboratory)

Stefan Hirner (CD laboratory)

Mag. Josef Hödl (CD laboratory)

Viktor Schallert (CD laboratory)