Lecture series in the Doc-School

635.003 Advanced Applied Chemistry 1

Dr. Armin Pfeil

Molecules - Products - Patents: From Chemistry to Applications

We will explore the state-of-the art chemistry of currently used radically curing systems (monomers, radical initiators and scavengers, structure-property-relationships…) and understand the relation between basic molecular properties and the final products’ properties – we will see that basic textbook chemistry is clearly linked to product behavior and performance. Then we will go for a virtual development of a novel curing system by considering the latest state of the art in adjacent application fields and academic literature – we will learn that by sound understanding of basic chemical principles, the industrial R&D chemist is able to go for a rational design of a novel polymerization system for a new product. At the end we imagine that we will strive for intellectual properties for our invention – we will learn what patents are, why they are beneficial, and how we can protect our invention by a strong patent.