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About Us

We research the fundamentals of how computers process information, and how to program them to work with each other and with humans safely and securely. We also study the many applications of computers, including helping humans understand real-life processes, analyzing and visualizing complicated data, and helping heal people. Based on our research, we teach our students the fundamentals of how computers work, the craft of programming, and the applications that make computers touch lives. Our successes are not only academic: Faculty and students of our department have founded more than 30 companies that employ over 1000 employees.

From cell phones to airplanes and from washing machines to medical devices, computers are everywhere. We research how to use computers to improve many aspects of people’s lifes.

Mission and Vision of the Department CSBME


The mission of the Department of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering is to provide excellence in research and an excellent education in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering to a broad group of students.
We strive towards excellence in basic, curiosity-driven research as well as applied research inspired by practical needs. We aim at technology transfer through well-educated students, collaborations with industry and clinical partners and spin-offs by students and department.
We aim for an education of a broad body of students of varying interest and ability through a variety of offerings to core CSBME students as well as students of other programs. We aim for a thorough education in the basics of the field and an in-depth education in selected parts.


We are a top research department in Austria and within the top-10 in Europe for both Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. Our basic research in AI/ML, Safety & Security, Visual Computing, and Biomedical Engineering has an increasing impact on the international research community. Interdisciplinary research between the CS and BME creates a unique research environment for overcoming the boundaries between Computer Science and Life Sciences. We drive the advancement of Computer Science methods inall TU Graz departments and collaboratively develop innovative interdisciplinary approaches with increasing impact on society. We educate future leaders in research and industry and inspire entrepreneurship. Graz is an innovation hotspot through lively collaboration with local industry and health care and by providing diverse talent, specifically motivating women for our topics.
We give a broad selection of students a well-founded education in the fundamentals of our fields, and give them a deep understanding of certain subfields. We want Computer Science to be pervasive in the education of all students of Graz University of Technology and our partner universities.