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Speed up, Buddy!
Empowering first-generation university students and foster equal opportunities for minorities. Approach: Volunteer based 1on1 mentoring from experienced professionals with the same background and/or empathy for our first-generation students (so called „Buddies“).

Project proposal for a Bachelor Project, Master Project or a Master's Thesis: Detection and prediction of cancer using artificial neural networks and mobile technology
This project’s aim is to automate the processes of detecting and predicting cancer and to make the access to cancer diagnostics available to anyone by using mobile technology. If you are interested in doing a Bachelor Thesis, Master Project, or Master’s Thesis jointly at TU Graz and St.Petersburg Polytechnic University on this project, please contact Wolfgang Slany and Vadim Pak

Preis der Fachgruppe Frauen und Informatik 2021 der Gesellschaft für Informatik.
Die Fachgruppe Frauen und Informatik vergibt wieder zwei Preise für herausragende Abschlussarbeiten von Absolventinnen der Informatik oder eines Studiengangs mit Schwerpunkt Informatik.
Apply until 15 November 2020.

Study Overseas - TU Graz Exchange Program
Apply now for an exchange semester outside of Europe in the academic year 2021/22. Application requirements: Completion of at least 60 ECTS.
Apply until 25 November 2020.

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