University Professor of Data Science
Apply until November 23rd, 2022

University Professor of Data Management
Apply until November 23rd, 2022

Grants, Calls

U Graz offers scholarships for future students from Ukraine or Romania in the area of computer science.
The scholarships are awarded as follows:
a) Two Siemens Bachelor Scholarships for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Management or Information and Computer Engineering
b) Three Siemens Master Scholarships for students of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Management or Information and Computer Engineering
Preference will be given to NEW students from Romania and Ukraine (it is of course not excluded for existing students from the target countries).
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FFG: Artificial Intelligence for Recycling 2022 (in German)
Together, new cross-sector solutions for closed-loop recycling are to be developed through innovative application and/or further development of AI methods and prototypically demonstrated on the basis of sensibly selected use cases. The focus is on the areas of collection, sorting and recycling.
Deadline: 04.10.2022

AK Steiermark: Förderungen für Digitalisierung Projekfonds Arbeit 4.0 (in German)
Each project has the opportunity to receive up to 200,000 euros in funding. An external advisory board evaluates the submitted projects. Projects can be submitted at any time. The focus this time is on the area of continuing education.
Deadline: 31.10.2022

OECD: International Events Sponsorship Campaign 2023
One focus of this OECD program is the financial support of international events (conferences, congresses, workshops, symposia, seminars, etc.). An application can be submitted for a hybrid, virtual or face-to-face event. Interested scientists and institutions can apply now at the OECD.
It is strongly recommended to contact the responsible member of the Scientific Advisory Body directly before submitting the application.
Deadline: 10.09.2022

International Conference Grant
Within the International Conference Grant you can apply for financial support for active conference/meeting participation (lecture, poster, presentation, etc.) abroad, which are related to your field of study (duration of stay min. 3 days to max. 7 days).

Joint Online Courses
The future of education and mobility in international collaboration calls for digitalization; a variety of innovative formats for teaching and learning will be necessary to tackle the challenges of the next years. As we are striving for an all-encompassing culture of internationalisation at higher education institutions we are launching a second call for joint online courses.
Deadline: 10.07.2022

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