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Overview: Media Service

The Media Service page contains press releases on current developments involving TU Graz as well as facts and figures and image material in print quality. The Media Service team is the central contact point for journalists, arranges contacts with interview subjects and supports members of TU Graz in their publicity work.

Drei Herren sitzen vor einer MRT-Untersuchungsröhre auf der dazugehörigen Liege.

Researchers lay foundation for smart contrast medium

Under the leadership of TU Graz, an international research team has developed a contrast medium concept for MRI, promising unprecedented features in medical imaging.

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Communications and Marketing
Media Service
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz, Austria

Barbara GIGLER
Phone: +43 316 873 6006
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 6006

Christoph PELZL
Phone: +43 316 873 6066
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 6066

Zwei Herren sitzen vor einem Tisch, beide halten scharze Füllfedern in der Hand und vor ihnen liegt jeweils ein aufgeschlagenes Dokument.

TU Graz and Magna extend strategic partnership

Thanks to an extended cooperation with Magna Steyr, TU Graz and the international automotive supplier will conduct research together in the areas of automated driving, virtual product development and the smart factory.

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Zu sehen sind sechs Personen, die nebeneinander stehen und jene vier in der Mitte halten vor ihrem Körper Urkunden in die Kamera

Excellent teaching staff: TU Graz awards prizes to lecturers for outstanding performances in teaching

Their teaching concepts aren’t just good, they’re excellent: Carlo Alberto Boano, Daniel Gruss, Werner Lienhart and Patrick Wurm were awarded the Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2017/2018 at TU Graz.

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Vier Herren in Anzügen stehen vor den beiden Roll Ups der AVL und der TU Graz und kreuzen die Hände

Talents for the automotive industry: AVL and TU Graz support budding engineers

AVL and TU Graz are tightly interconnected in research and development. Now the two partners are strengthening joint talent development activities.

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Eine Forschenden-Gruppe steht links neben dem Austrian Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope.

Optimization of alloy materials: Diffusion processes in nano particles decoded

Research team at TU Graz discovers atomic-level processes which can provide new approaches to improving material properties.

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Drei Herren in Anzügen stehen vor zwei Roll Ups der TU Graz und werden flankiert von zwei Satelliten-Modellen

Austrian nanosatellites deliver sensational results

Nova explosion recorded with unprecedented time resolution presented at the EU Space Conference in Graz – excellent space expertise at Austrian universities

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Ein junger Mann mit Bart in Jeans und blauem T-Shirt sitzt im Wasserbaulabor und ist umgeben von Versuchanordnungen in Form von wassergefüllten Plexiglas-Röhren

The future of energy supply: combined energy storage as key technology

A system developed at TU Graz uses water as a storage medium for electricity and thermal energy. It can be used to meet up to 90% of our energy requirements – while producing zero emissions.

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Stefan Vorbach (Professor für Unternehmensführung und Organisation), Dekan Roderick Bloem, Rektor Harald Kainz, Rektorin Christa Neuper, Dekan Thomas Foscht, Studiendekan Heinz Königsmaier stehen vor einer hölzernen Doppelflügeltüre. Rektor Harald Kainz und Rektorin Christa Neuper halten die A3-Werbeplakate zur Auftaktveranstaltung in die Kamera.

Route 63 connects Uni Graz to TU Graz: Business and computer science links joint range of courses.

Two universities, one aim: the University of Graz and Graz University of Technology want to make their students fit for the world of work.

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Eine Forschenden-Gruppe im Physik-Labor um ein Femtosekunden-Lasergerät stehend

Breakthrough in quantum physics: Reaction of a quantum fluid to photoexcitation of dissolved particles

Researchers from TU Graz have described for the first time the dynamics which takes place within a trillionth of a second after photoexcitation of a single atom inside a superfluid helium nanodroplet.

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Ein junger Mann sitz im Rollstuhl und hält den rechten Arm in die Höhe, mit dem er eine Dose hält.

MoreGrasp: Getting a better grip on things

The MoreGrasp Horizon2020 research project under the leadership of TU Graz is coming to an end with significant results in the field of thought-controlled grasp neuroprosthetics. A large-scale feasibility study is underway.

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