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Overview: Media Service

The Media Service page contains press releases on current developments involving TU Graz as well as facts and figures and image material in print quality. The Media Service team is the central contact point for journalists, arranges contacts with interview subjects and supports members of TU Graz in their publicity work.


Resistant rice plants: TU Graz identifies bacterium that protects rice plants against diseases

With their expertise in microbiome research, the researchers at the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology were able to demonstrate how a specific bacterium inside the seeds of rice plants effectively and in an eco-friendly way inhibits destructive plant pathogens.

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Communications and Marketing
Media Service
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Barbara GIGLER
Press officer
Phone: +43 316 873 6006
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 6006

Susanne EIGNER
Phone: +43 316 873 4566
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Christoph PELZL
Phone: +43 316 873 6066
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 6066

Computersimulation eines Rodelcrashes: Am Schlitten sitzendes Kind wird zwischen dahinter sitzenden Erwachsenen und Baum eingeklemmt

Toboggan accident crash test: Without helmet, serious injuries even at low speeds

Austrian Road Safety Board, and TU Graz have investigated tobogganing accidents for the first time in a computer-simulated crash test. The results: Wearing a helmet and the correct sitting position dramatically reduce the risk of injury for children while tobogganing.

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Menschengruppe im Freien

Adaptive, automated, interactive: Graz research group develops health portal of the future

Researchers from TU Graz, Med Uni Graz and Uni Graz are working on a digital interactive information system that automatically tailors medical content to individuals and their needs.

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Gläserner Tunnel, darin eine kleine Glasflasche mit Flüssigkeit

RNA basic building block produced biocatalytically for the first time

Researchers from TU Graz and acib succeed in the first enzyme-driven biocatalytic synthesis of nucleic acid building blocks. This facilitates the development of antiviral agents and RNA-based therapeutics.

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Mond und Raumsonde, im Hintergrund ein Planet

Jupiter-Magnetometer leaves Graz

When ESA's JUICE mission is launched in 2022 to explore Jupiter's icy moons, a scientific instrument from Graz will also be on board. The Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the TU Graz are supplying a novel quantum interference magnetometer.

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Zwei Forscher der TU Graz vor einem Versuchsaufbau mit Redox Flow Elektrolyte

New research project on environmental and safety aspects of stationary energy storage

The SABATLE project coordinated by TU Graz focuses on the sustainability and safety of redox flow technologies, which are of immanent importance for the stabilization of the power grid.

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Abstrakte grafische Darstellung einer Lunge

TU Graz develops screening system for lung sound analysis

A multi-channel recording device developed at TU Graz for pathological lung sounds and associated automatic lung sound analysis could support existing screening methods for early detection of, for example, Covid-19 infections. This now requires clinical data and interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Dünne Folie unter einem Mikroskop wird von zwei feinen Nadeln kontaktiert.

TU Graz starts CD laboratory for multifunctional and highly integrated electronic components

The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Technology-Guided Electronic Component Design and Characterization investigates ways to better control electromagnetic interactions in smart networked devices, especially in the 5G frequency range.

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Zwei Männer

SGS and TU Graz open Lamarr Security Research

SGS and TU Graz announce the opening of Lamarr Security Research, a non-profit research center focusing on information security and establishing trust in digital systems and products. This new research environment is open for partner sponsors to work together, and to make the world a safer place.

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Spritzbeton-Düse, die Spritzbeton auf Tunnelwand aufträgt

Sustainable shotcrete mix-designs for tunnels with longer service-life

A project jointly initiated by the Austrian Society for Construction Technology (ÖBV), TU Graz and OTH Regensburg provides a more systematic understanding of shotcrete applications and forms the basis for new, even more durable concrete mixes and thus for more durable tunnels.

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