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Overview: Media Service

The Media Service page contains press releases on current developments involving TU Graz as well as facts and figures and image material in print quality. The Media Service team is the central contact point for journalists, arranges contacts with interview subjects and supports members of TU Graz in their publicity work.

Apples and Petri dishes in a laboratory environment

The Study of the Microbiome Enables New Strategies for Healthy and Climate-Resilient Crops

Study led by TU Graz shows that apple trees inherit their microbiome to the same extent as their genes. The results lay the foundation for new breeding strategies for healthy and climate-robust fruit and vegetables.

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Communications and Marketing
Media Service
Rechbauerstraße 12/I
8010 Graz, Austria

Barbara GIGLER
Press officer
Phone: +43 316 873 6006
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 6006

Susanne FILZWIESER (formaly known as Eigner)
Phone: +43 316 873 4566
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 4566

Christoph PELZL
Phone: +43 316 873 6066
Mobile: +43 664 60 873 6066

Graphic representation of a large building block, with many exterior staircases and wooden elements.

Graz Center of Physics: A decision has been made in the architectural competition

The University of Graz, TU Graz, BIG and Ministry of Science present the winning project of the architectural competition – This is what the new Graz Center of Physics will look like

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A dancing couple in festive attire

Ball der Technik: Cancellation for 2022, next edition 2023

At its meeting on 16 November, the Committee of the Ball der Technik decided to cancel the ball for 2022 due to the Corona pandemic. The next edition of the tradition-steeped ball will be entirely dedicated to mathematics, physics and geodesy and is planned for Friday, 27 January 2023.

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3 men with dummy and measuring instruments

“Coronavirus-proof” Interiors: New Measuring Method Documents Movements of Infectious Aerosols

With the method co-developed by TU Graz, virus movements in indoor spaces can be simulated easily and cost-effectively. The method helps to implement measures in rooms that significantly reduce the risk of transmission via the air.

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Projection of a road in the driving simulator

Autonomous Driving: Styrian Development Saves Millions in Test Kilometres

TU Graz, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, AVL and Fraunhofer Austria have developed a method to validate test drives through highly realistic driving simulation studies and to substantially simplify the approval process for automated driving systems.

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Schematic representation of hydrogen molecules (in each case two spheres connected to each other via a strand).

From Slurry to High-Purity Hydrogen

Hydrogen from real biogas: TU Graz and the start-up Rouge H2 Engineering have scored a world's first in producing high-purity hydrogen from biogas directly at a biogas plant using a new chemical looping process.

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Close-up of hands in laboratory gloves with light source.

Let there be Light: Photoinitiators for Dental Fillings, Contact Lenses and Dentures etc.

Photoinitiators ensure that liquid plastic – for example for dental fillings – hardens quickly by means of light. Thanks to a new synthesis method developed by TU Graz, these initiators can be produced cheaply, something which will open up further doors for the technology.

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Four people with white polo shirts

Funding in the millions for joint doctoral programme of FH JOANNEUM and TU Graz

The Austrian Science Fund FWF is funding the joint training of doctoral students from the two Styrian universities in the field of electronics-based systems (EBS) to the amount of one million euros. The money comes from the new programme "doc.funds.connect".

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Mehrere Menschen in Schutzkleidung mit Messgeräten, dahinter Feuer.

Fire Tests Show that Austria's Tunnels are Fit for Electric Cars

TU Graz, the University of Leoben, the Austrian Fire Brigade Association and ILF Consulting Engineers have investigated the effects of e-vehicle fires in tunnel systems. The results are reassuring for passenger cars, but not for commercial vehicles. For the latter, as well as for fires in...

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Two men at a table with several electronic devices, many cables and small components.

Getting the measure of tricky measurements

The new Christian Doppler Laboratory for Measurement Systems for Harsh Operating Conditions at TU Graz is conducting research into suitable measurement techniques that can deliver precise results in tough operating and environmental conditions.

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