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Overview: Media Service

The Media Service page contains press releases on current developments involving TU Graz as well as facts and figures and image material in print quality. The Media Service team is the central contact point for journalists, arranges contacts with interview subjects and supports members of TU Graz in their publicity work.

Ein Prozess bei dem links eine Art Trichter zu sehen ist, der blaue Kreise anzieht. Am anderen Ende steigen kleinere grüne Kreise aus einem Behälter empor.

Nano-composition: New synthesis of catalytic nanomaterials

Researchers at TU Graz describe the effects which occur upon evaporation of vanadium compounds in Chemical Science. Improvements for the development of SCR catalysts may be based on their results.

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Christoph PELZL
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Ein Caterpillar Tunnelbagger schiebt in einem Tunnel Erde beiseite.

Latest trends in tunnel construction: The university course NATM Engineering is starting in 2019 with new content

In addition to method competence, the part-time international tunnelling course offered by TU Graz and Montanuniversität Leoben imparts new knowledge about tunnel-boring machinery. The operation and maintenance of tunnel structures are also part of the new curriculum. Applications are open until...

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Porträt eines Mannes mit schwarzem Anzug und Krawatte, im Hintergrund Holzdachstuhl und Trams

TU Graz researcher Gerhard Schickhofer awarded prestigious Marcus Wallenberg Prize

For his pioneering research in the field of cross-laminated timber, Gerhard Schickhofer, head of the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology of TU Graz, has been awarded the 2019 Marcus Wallenberg Prize. The award is worth some 200,000 euros.

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Eine Laborsituation, eine Hand mit einer Forschungspipette, die an einen kleinen gelben Messzylinder andockt. Am Tisch ist weiteres Labormaterial zu sehen, die Person trägt einen weißen Kittel

Excessive hygiene promotes resistance to antibiotics

In Nature Communications, researchers from Graz, Austria present new perspectives to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistances in hospitals.

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Ein Mann bedient über ein Tablet den Arm eines Industrieroboters

Response to lack of specialists: New training programme provides knowledge of robotics and AI

Development of a European driving license for robotics and artificial intelligence to make people fit for the digital future led by TU Graz.

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Ein Tablet im Hintergrund, auf dem die Website des Instituts für Angewandte Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikationstechnologien geöffnet ist, vorne ist eine Kette mit Vorhängeschloss zu sehen

TU Graz sets international standards in cryptography

Spread over five years, the CAESAR competition focused on encryption processes for digital information. Now the jury has selected TU Graz’s ASCON algorithm as a means of secure encryption for the internet of things.

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Ein Prozessor mit mehreren Kabeln und Platinen

The Internet of Things: TU Graz researchers increase the dependability of smart systems

Since 2016 a team from TU Graz has been working on dependability in the Internet of things. After having achieved remarkable success, the eponymous research project is now going into the second phase.

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Eine Gruppe Menschen, links ein Mann mit handgeführtem Betonschleifer, mittig Personal Mobility Fahrzeuge und rechts ein Rasenmäher

New research centre at TU Graz: Consortium conducts research on CO₂-free small engines

Under the leadership of TU Graz, researchers are working on the development of CO₂-free fuels and hybrid propulsion systems for small engines.

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Fünf Männer und eine Frau stehen vor einem Plakat

Multi-million euro investment in IT security: SGS and TU Graz set up Cybersecurity Campus Graz

A unique IT security research, education, testing and certification hub is taking shape in Styria, Austria: Cybersecurity Campus Graz.

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Rendering eines siebenstöckingen weißen Gebäudes in der Dämmerung

Laying of the Foundation Stone for the new Research Centre at TU Graz

By order of TU Graz and with financial support from the State of Styria and the EU, BIG is building a new site for the Electronic Based Systems Center. The total project volume is about 15 million euros.

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