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Start-up Garage (Gründungsgarage)

Do you have an innovative idea for a business and would like to develop it further? Do you need help putting your idea into practice? The Start-up Garage (Gründungsgarage) can help you!

The Institute of Management and Organisation (UFO) at TU Graz in cooperation with University of Graz will help you put your idea into practice with experienced, renowned mentors from the business world.

For one semester you will work in an interdisciplinary team. You’ll get all the information you need to start up a business and you’ll learn everything from the draft business model to the pitch. At the end of the semester you can showcase yourself and your idea to a large audience at the final presentation.

To ensure ideal support, the number of teams is limited: every semester the Gründungsgarage accepts ten ideas. Apply now and get started!


Elisabeth Poandl, Source: Lunghammer – TU Graz
Elisabeth Poandl, Start-up Garage Mentor

You have a business idea? Apply now. We will advise and support you!

Schriftzug Gründungsgarage, Bildquelle: Gründungsgarage


  • Name: Gründungsgarage (Start-up Garage)  
  • Tasks: To assist students from all degree programmes and universities to further develop and implement business ideas 
  • Address:
    Institute of General Management and Organisation
    Kopernikusgasse 24/IV
    8010 Graz  
  • Contact:

  • Target group: interested students of all fields

Services for Students

  • Lecture units on start-up basics bring students up to the same starting level
  • Interactive collaboration in the following workshops

    • Business model development
    • Design thinking
    • Intellecutal property rights
    • Online and growth marketing
    • Legal and tax, pitch training
    • Coaching and personal mentoring

  • Individual coaching and consultation sessions with mentors
  • Work on your own, real-world business idea
  • Intensive consultation services worth approx. 50,000 euros
  • 2 semester hrs./2 ECTS as elective course for your degree course

Achievements in 12 Volumes

  • 110 teams
  • 222 participants
  • 30+ start-ups
  • 130+ jobs created

Start-up Garage video

More offers for start-up enthusiasts

The Institute of General Management and Organisation (UFO) of TU Graz is the contact point for all students as well as employees of TU Graz interested in start-ups.

In addition to advice and support, special courses such as Entrepreneurship or “Unternehmungsgründung" are offered in German and English: Courses


The Gründungsgarage begins the application procedure at the start of the semester. You can submit your business idea using an online form. The only requirements for your application: you are a degree course student and you would like to take part.

Deadline for entries: start of winter or summer semester