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High Performance Sailing – HPS TU Graz

Wind in the sails, science on board! Students sailing in the High Performance Sailing Student Team combine their passion for sailing with scientific activities.

The first Austrian Student Sailing Team at TU Graz brings together student sailing enthusiasts who participate successfully in regattas throughout Europe. Besides their passion for sailing, the team is also devoted to science and research. HPS Student Team builds comprehensive scientific competences, e.g. in the areas of avionics, sensor technology, materials science and fluid mechanics. The aim is to gain new knowledge from research projects in order to optimise the performance of boats. As a consequence, it is hoped to achieve innovative applications and products for regatta crews. In order to do that, HPS Student Team works in close co-operation with HPS research initiative consisting of scientists from TU Graz. Students, for example, work on several research papers on the improvement of V-Rex, an innovative sailing boat, by means of aerodynamics and wind tunnel tests or stress tests. Since 2017, HPS Student Team are working on the continuous optimisation of their own boat.


  • Name: High Performance Sailing – HPS TU Graz Student Team
  • Field of action: participation in sailing regattas; development and advancement of technologies in regatta racing
  • Contact details:
  • Target group: interested students of all fields

Activities and Offers for Students

  • Participation in sailing regattas
  • Development of new technologies and the evaluation and optimisation of existing technologies for regatta sailing
  • Testing ideas and developments on sailing yachts
  • Working on the optimisation of the team’s sailing boat
  • Getting in touch with sailing athletes, scientists and the industry
  • Innovative and interdisciplinary projects in co-operation with scientists at TU Graz, e.g. in the form of bachelor’s and master’s theses


  • 1st place at the Round Palagruža Cannonball Regatta, 2021
  • 1st place at S-Cup (instead of Steirische Hochseemeisterschaften), 2021
  • 2nd place at Steirische Segellandesliga, 2021
V-Rex sailing boat in the wind tunnel


Anyone interested in sailing and the development of technologies in the field of sailing is welcome to join HPS TU Graz Student Team! Send an e-mail to: office.sailingnoSpam@tugraz.at or visit the website: sailing.tugraz.at.