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Our Previous Faces

Photo shoot 2022 – Making of

... and here you can also see the Faces of 2022/2023

The Faces of TU Graz 2021/2022

From left to right in the photo:

Making of: Be the Face photo shoot 2021/22

... and here you can also see the Faces of 2021/2022

The Faces 2019/2020

From left to right:

Making of: Be the Face photo shooting 2019/20

The Faces 2018/2019

From left to right:

Photo Shoot 2018 – Making Of

The Faces 2017/2018

From left to right:

  • Lukas Pointner, Biomedical Engineering, Bachelor
  • Johanna Maierhofer, Architecture, Bachelor
  • Sara Krak, Electrical Engineering, Bachelor
  • Benedict Oguah, Civil Engineering and Construction Management, Bachelor
  • Leonardo Alese, Doctoral School of Mathematics and Scientific Computing
  • Verena Theußl, Technical Chemistry, Master
  • Lukas Dür, Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor

Fotoshooting 2017 – Making Of

The Faces 2016/2017

From left to right:

  • Thomas Neff, Information and Computer Engineering, Master
  • Alexander Winkler, Architecture, Bachelor
  • Lea Kapetanovic, Production Science and Management, Master
  • Alexander Draschl, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biology, Bachelor
  • Teresa Jagiello, Chemical and Process Engineering, Bachelor
  • Sascha Rossmann, Technical Physics, Bachelor
  • Julia Angleitner, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, Master

Fotoshooting 2016 – Making Of

The Faces 2015/2016

From left to right:

  • Ko Odreitz, Bachelor's programmes Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Johanna Lippitz, Master's programme Construction Management and Civil Engineering
  • Thomas Huber, Master's programme Architecture
  • Elisabeth Salomon, Bachelor's programme Information and Computer Engineering
  • Philipp Berner, Master's programme Production Science and Management
  • Jo-Hannah Mayer, Bachelor's programme Physics
  • Martin Gabriel, Bachelor's programme Chemistry

Photo Shoot 2015 – Making Of