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Be The Face

The Faces of TU Graz 2023/2024

Those are the winners representing the seven faculties of TU Graz for this academic year 2023/2024 (from left to right in the photo):

The campaign

In autumn 2023, TU Graz launched its eighth casting call "Be The Face - Sei das Gesicht der TU Graz”, thus searching for students from all seven faculties to represent their university online and offline for one year. With more than 70 applications, the response to the casting call was again impressive. The seven winners were selected based on the individuality of the students, their field of study and the overall composition of the group.

The first professional photo and film shoot with our seven Faces was set for November 2023. Our Faces 2023/2024 will make their appearance in a variety of media: on the web and on social media as well as in print publications such as folders and brochures. The Faces of previous campaigns have also appeared on billboards, on the TU Graz fair booth, on flags and even on trains.

Are you ready to become a Face of TU Graz? In autumn 2024 there will be another opportunity to apply. You will then find more information on this website.

Photo Shoot with our Faces

The first photo and film shoot featuring this year’s winners was held in November 2023 at Campus Inffeldgasse with a professional photographer and make-up artist. Portrait photos and group pictures were taken. For spring, photo shoots featuring study, research and the campus areas as well as the city of Graz will be scheduled.

Did you know that...

… our faces represent TU Graz online and offline for one year?

… our faces take part in professional photo and film shoots and can keep photos from these shoots as rewards, among other things?

... there will be another chance to become a Face of TU Graz starting in autumn 2024?

Behind the Scences 2023


Communications and Marketing
Rechbauerstraße 12/1
8010 Graz

The Faces 2023/2024

I have already gained experience in the fields of structure and bridges and would like to learn more about tunnels and dams. In my Master’s degree, I’d like to focus on risk analysis methods, especially in the case of flooding.

Anas Amira | Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering, Master

I spend most of my time at the university in the drawing studio. Here, I can work on my projects on my own or together with my fellow students on group projects. We study, work creatively and even cook together. The drawing studios help me to improve the quality of my work and are a real source of inspiration.

Anton Oitzinger | Architecture, Bachelor

I am fascinated by how diverse the study of electrical engineering is: from designing to development to testing and problem-solving. It is impressive to see the innovations of electrical engineering, for example with microchips for autonomous driving.

Elisabeth Neuhold | Eletrical Engineering, Bachelor

I enjoy programming and am interested in Al, specifically in creating programmes to make everyday tasks and life easier. After completing my bachelor's degree, I would like to pursue a master's or even a doctorate.

Melissa Parrella | Software Engineering and Management, Bachelor

The quote “We are a way for the universe to know itself” by the famous scientist Carl Sagan has inspired me since I was a little child. This pursuit of understanding the "why?" and the "how?" guided me to physics, the heartbeat of technological advancements.

Merjem Nuhic | Physics, Bachelor

I love the combination of technology, natural sciences and mechanical engineering ‒ all the tools and knowledge you need to tackle climate change. And for a change of pace, the TU Graz Makerspace, Sound Lab and PhiLab are the perfect place to unleash your creativity!

Thomas Amegah | Chemical and Process Engineering, Bachelor

My degree programme is broad and challenging, I love the combination of technology and business ‒ both suit me. It allows me to gain the technical and business expertise I need for my future career.

Thomas Führer | Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics, Master