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Be The Face

The Faces of TU Graz 2021/2022

Seven winners representing the seven faculties of TU Graz for this academic year 2021/2022 have been chosen (from left to right in the photo):

The campaign

In September 2021, TU Graz searched for students from all seven faculties to represent their university online and offline for one year by launching its casting call "Be The Face - Sei das Gesicht der TU Graz". The response to our casting call for our sixth campaign was impressive. Around 80 students from many different countries and fields of study applied. The seven Faces of TU Graz were selected based on the individuality of the students, their field of study and the overall composition of the group.

The first professional photo and film shoot for our seven Faces was set for November – and was completed in compliance with all COVID-related requirements. Our Faces 2021/2022 will make their appearance in a variety of media: on the web and on social media as well as in print publications such as folders and brochures. The Faces of previous campaigns have also appeared on billboards, on the TU Graz fair booth, on flags and even on trains.

Are you ready to become a Face of TU Graz? Starting at the end of September 2022, there will be another opportunity to apply. You will then find more information on this website.

7 young people in front of a white background.

Photo Shoot with our Faces

The first photo shoot featuring the winners was held  in compliance with all COVID-related requirements in November 2021 together with a professional photographer and make-up artist. Portrait photos and group pictures were taken. In the new year, too, joint photo shoots with the seven winners are on the programme – this time featuring scenes of study, research and the campus areas.

Did you know that...

... our faces represent TU Graz online and offline for one year?
... our faces take part in professional photo shootings and can keep photos from these shoots as rewards, among other things?
… there will be another chance to become a Face of TU Graz starting in autumn 2022?

Making of: Be the Face photo shoot 2021/22


Communications and Marketing
Rechbauerstraße 12/1
8010 Graz

The Faces 2021/2022

What do you like most about your degree programme?

Carlin Cornelius

... the logical thinking and that I get to have fun programming. I also like using my creative skills when I have to come up with a solution to a specific problem.

Carlin Cornelius, 20 | Computer Science

Eva Somitsch

... that advanced materials science is an emerging and dynamic field of research with varied career opportunities, especially in my chosen specialism of semiconductors. You also get to see, touch and feel the special characteristics of the material for yourself. My programme gives me the theoretical knowledge to go along with these clear observations, which results in understandable explanations.

Eva Somitsch, 23 | Advanced Materials Science

Hatem Ali

... the wide range of topics that are covered and the flexibility in terms of learning that my programme provides. I wanted to find out about the cross-over between chemistry and engineering in the pharmaceutical industry.

Hatem Ali, 26 | Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Ian Opratko

... the fantastic variety of subjects. I learn about electrical engineering, maths, computer science, and music theory as well as having instrumental lessons – all starting with the basics. It’s the ideal way for me to combine my interest in technology with my passion for music. I moved from Vienna to Graz especially for this course.

Ian Opratko, 22 | Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering

Lejla Otanovic

... that the lecturers are very dedicated and responsive to students’ concerns. I also appreciate that a lot of things can be accessed online very quickly. In terms of civil engineering itself, I find the processes behind the construction of buildings the most fascinating aspect.

Lejla Otanovic, 23 | Civil Engineering Sciences and Construction Management

Sebastian Geider

... that I’m always getting to know new people who I can work or study with. And who I can share my passion for vehicles, motors and machines with, and how they’re designed. This often makes learning easier.

Sebastian Geider, 21 | Mechanical Engineering

Sandra Karner

... that because of all the practical elements like building models, sketching, and drawing plans, it’s very varied. For me it’s the perfect mix of art and engineering, and I’m motivated by the idea of one day being able to stand in front of a building that I’ve designed.

Sandra Karner, 20 | Architecture